Mecha is a God

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"Mecha?"? I'm very interested. Zhang Yifan laughed: "I promised you, but what do you mean by the guard?" Cuse was stupefied: "Why, didn't the Mecca drillmaster inform you to join the guard of the Marquis?"? It's impossible. I've joined directly and will report tomorrow. I thought your grades were better than mine and you would join. "I wasn't informed." Zhang Yifan shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe the Mecca drillmaster doesn't like me. It doesn't matter." "How could this happen?" Cuse was somewhat aggrieved by Zhang Yifan. In the eyes of the simple and honest Thracians, strength is strength, and those who are strong enough should be promoted. Why did the Mecca drillmaster do this? Cuse couldn't figure it out, but his upright and pure character made him unwilling to blame Mecca, even if it was just an underbelly. I'm done. Take your time. Zhang Yifan smiled at Cuse, a simple and honest big man, is a good choice to be a friend, ah, perhaps, he will be the first good friend he met after he came to the earth world? Is it because he didn't give him face and held a grudge that that fellow in Mecca didn't choose himself to be in the Marquis's guard? He does not look like that kind of person, ah, is the reason in the Marquis there, if so, what is he up to? Zhang doesn't think his performance is not as good as Cuse's, except for his family background. Think impassability, do not want to, seriously live every day on the line, this is a long-term life in the sewer, groping out the experience, Zhang Yifan did not affect his good mood because of this matter, touching the stomach that has been eating round, humming a ditty back to Datongpu, after Chuang, soon fell asleep. This time did not let Zhang Yifan disappointed, coquettish turtle Ali soon appeared, or that pay soil to drop dregs, even Zhang Yifan this authentic tramp origin people are really not used to, and Ali's face is a little pale, eye socket is still a little blue, like a playboy with excessive indulgence, it seems that more than three hours of charging, far from being able to supplement his energy. Thank you for your computer. Zhang Yifan expressed his sincere thanks. This computer can be said to have enriched his amateur cultural life in his boring slave career. It's a bit unreasonable not to thank him. Hey hey, my computer cow,small geared motors, and my hacker technology is also a great one. The coquettish turtle is very complacent: "Any fierce hacker on the world, do not think to find master through my Shenzhou computer, I this 3000 years, can not be mixed in vain, talk about computer technology to..." "All right, all right." Looking at Ali's proud appearance, Zhang Yifan knew that if he did not interrupt him, he might be able to boast until dawn: "I am not interested in computer technology, I only ask you, when can you enter your second night?"? I'm looking forward to it. "Well, the master is really a self-motivated young man.". How to say, this is called to study hard and make progress every day. It seems that I am not with the wrong person. Ali nodded with satisfaction. "But, master, are you sure you want to be trained on the second night?"? I must tell you that the second night is more terrible than the first night of hell. I'm sure you'll cry and beg me to get you out when you go in. "Fart, I'm not afraid, and I won't cry. Come on." Zhang Yifan sniffed at his words, want to frighten Lao Tzu, can there be a more horrible place than the hell of thunder and fire? Impossible. I grew up eating rat meat, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,gear reduction motor, but I wasn't scared. With ambition, I really admire the courage of the master. "But in order to be responsible for the master, I still want to introduce the situation in the second night to the master clearly," Ali exclaimed. "The second night is called'All Dharmas Return ', and another name is'Killing Hell'!" "Killing hell?"? That's a good name. Zhang Yifan immediately became interested.
"In the killing hell, I have set up countless martial arts masters, including celebrities in the world from ancient times to the present for nearly three thousand years, as well as sects, who will attack you and kill you desperately, and the master you will also come back from the dead like in the thunder and fire hell, and then be killed again, experiencing the pain of countless deaths, how about it?" Hearing this, Zhang Yifan also hesitated a little, although the thunder and fire hell is also very cruel, but after all, it is only a challenge to nature, even if it is struck by lightning and burned, it is also dead under the power of nature, but in this killing hell, it will be hunted by the same kind of people, they also want to kill people, this is the feeling of the real hell, if you can't bear it, you may become a madman. Why, is the master afraid? Ali looked at Zhang Yifan cheerfully, as if Zhang Yifan's hesitation had given him some kind of pleasure. What are you afraid of? I'll go! "Well, the time is still half a year, but my energy is still insufficient, maybe two or three months later, the master you can come out, hey.." Chapter 6 The Road to Strength (2) Updated March 21, 2010 20:26:15 Words: 2819 Eyes a flower, Zhang Yifan has appeared in a strange space. White sky, black ground, the ground extends far away, there is no end in sight, anyone standing in such a place, will have a feeling of loss, loneliness, and then this feeling will turn into fear, there is only one thought in the head, is to leave this place as soon as possible. A group of people wearing white training clothes, with a circle of hemp rope wrapped around their arms and legs suddenly appeared around Zhang Yifan. There were hundreds of people. Their eyes were red, just like wild animals. When they saw Zhang Yifan, they roared and rushed up, attacking Zhang with fists, legs, elbows and knees. The results of the exercise in the thunder and fire hell showed that Zhang Yifan's body fluttered like the wind, inch step, rapid frequency conversion, all kinds of footwork were almost played to the extreme by him, his fist pounded out dozens of times in an instant, and immediately knocked down almost half of his opponents. But these people, like endless, kept coming out of the air, tightly wrapped around Zhang Yifan,Brushless Gear Motor, an hour, two hours. Zhang Yifan's posture gradually dull, has been unable to completely escape the attack of this group of people.


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