The Great Demon King [Finished Version] Author: Inverse Heaven

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"This deal can be done!" Collison, the leader of another hunter, grinned grimly and said, "The Han family is unknown. Leaving from the Dark Film City shows that they are in a difficult situation. If we work together, we can certainly take them down. Hey, count me in!" "Count me in!" "Count me in!" "I put it together, too!" The leaders of the hunters all intend to join hands to deal with the Han family. Under the instigation of Quincy, the leader of the most powerful hunters in the Longsen Grand Canyon, they have declared that they will enter the Han family in the Longsen Grand Canyon and identify it as the prey of action! "Well, have you all forgotten someone?" Suddenly, a discordant voice sounded. Wenman Liu, one of the leaders of the God Hunters, frowned gently. She hesitated and said, "Is that guy surnamed Han?"? Han's surname is rare. Will he have anything to do with the Han family? Weinman was the only woman among them. Her rather delicate face was crossed with two scars, which made this beautiful woman look very ferocious. Even though she had a sexy and charming body, men would shy away from her because her face was really not flattering. Wenman practices the power of death, and the initial strength of the superior God is neither weak nor strong among these leaders, but because of her superior wisdom, the force she led really did not suffer any great losses. As soon as Wenman said this, the leaders of the hunters who had just promised to come down frowned, apparently knowing who Wenman was talking about. Collison hesitated and said in a deep voice, "It's not that coincidental, is it?"? I've never heard of that guy having any family or friends! But if he really has something to do with the Han family, we really have to weigh it again! Quincy's face turned cold and he said with displeasure, "Yes, that guy used to be the strongest man in Longsen Grand Canyon, but he's no longer in Longsen Grand Canyon!"! Moreover, before his men left, they made it clear that they would not meddle in the affairs of Longsen Grand Canyon from now on! What's more, he never said that he came from the Han family, and he was not in the Longsen Grand Canyon, so what are you worried about? "That's right, we really worry too much, the Han family should have nothing to do with him!" Collison smiled shyly and said, "We're scaring ourselves. Hey, the plan doesn't change. I'm in!" "That's right!" Quincy burst out laughing and immediately looked at Winman impatiently. "Women are mothers-in-law," he said. "If you don't want to participate, you can leave. Those people without you won't affect the overall situation!"! Hum, we can still share a little more! With a gloomy look on his face, Wenman nodded and said, "Well, you can do it."! I don't want to risk offending that guy! As soon as the words fell, Interactive digital signage , Weinman did not linger, but turned into a shadow and left through the waterfall. That bitch seems to like him, hey, also do not look at her long what virtue, how can that guy like her! Quincy looked at Weinman coldly as he left and sneered disdainfully. That guy has no human touch at all, has never expressed a trace of difference to a woman, and will not be soft when killing a woman! In my opinion, Weinman is self-sentimental. Hey, don't tell me, although the face of this bitch is not flattering, but the body is really sexy and wonderful. If you *** her in the dark, it should taste good! Collison answered with a lewd smile, and the leaders of the god-hunters all laughed knowingly. "Chief, why did you come out?" As soon as Weinman left the cave, he was greeted by a shifty-eyed man, who asked with a smile. Wenman's face was angry. As a superior God, she was sensitive. The words of the guys in the cave were not deliberately lowered. She naturally heard the obscene words clearly. But Weinman knew that his strength was limited, so he had to suppress his anger and dare not turn back and rush in to get angry with those people.
Only he can't be so low and cheap. Wenman inexplicably raised such an idea in his heart, and then shook his head with some self-mockery and said to himself: Wenman, what are you thinking about? You look like this, how can he like you, the last time to save you is entirely driven by interests, that guy has no other meaning, you do not continue to think about it. "What's the matter, Chief?" The man saw that Wenman's expression was complicated, gnashing his teeth for a while, smiling at the corners of his mouth for a while, and could not help asking again, and his voice rose slightly. Waking up from his trance, Weinman shook his head forcefully, as if he wanted to shake off the unrealistic fantasy in his mind through this action. Nothing. By the way, you said last time that the guy still has a few men who haven't left the Grand Canyon. Can you contact them? Weinman straightened his mind and asked. Those guys are taking care of the rest. It won't be long before they leave. I know where they are. I'm going to contact them. "Wait, I'll write a scroll for you, and you send it to them as fast as you can!" Weinman thought for a moment, and immediately took out a scroll and wrote a paragraph on it. After giving it to the man, she hurried away alone. In Longsen Grand Canyon, the mountains are rolling, and the white clouds are like cotton in the sky. Just through a miasma of marshland, came to the stone forest piled up in a deep valley, flying bats above the people have not had time to see the situation in the deep valley, the blood spirit suddenly lightly shouted: "someone is coming!" Above the flying bat, the guards of the Han family froze their faces, one by one vigilantly paying attention to the surroundings, and moving quickly, and the formation was arranged above the flying bat. Emily and Phoebe looked nervous and looked around and shouted, "Be careful and get ready to fight!" "No need!"! There's only one person, and it's a woman! The blood spirit saw that because of his light shout, the Han family members above the flying bat were like facing a formidable enemy. They laughed and said, "Don't be nervous. That woman's strength is not particularly strong. I can deal with it." 。


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