The sword of gratitude

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"Xiaoyan," said Lady Bai, "I believe that he is not Szeto Yingqi but Wen Renyan. In that case, of course I also believe that you are not his own flesh and blood, but the daughter of Ouyang Qiaoshou. My'White Clothes Castle 'is Szeto Yingqi, the master of the Situ family, not Wen Renyan. We only know your mother and you. For this, my'White Clothes Castle' can't stand by and do nothing. Let's go in and help you catch this demon so that you can get revenge as soon as possible. "Thank you for your kindness, Auntie Bai," said Szeto Yan. "Although I have a grudge against Wen Renyan, I'm no longer a member of the Szeto family. I have no right to decide whether the Szeto family needs help or not. Please forgive Auntie Bai." "Then who is in charge of the Situ family now?" Asked Lady Bai. "I, Li Jianfan," said Li Jianfan. Lady Bai took one look at him and said, "So you are Li Jianfan, young man. Do you have any relationship with the Situ Family?" Li Jianfan said, "The master of the Situ Family is a close friend of my teacher. I have been ordered by the master of the Situ Family to expose Wen Renyan's mask and avenge him." "Oh," said the White Lady, "you came here on the orders of Szeto Inge. Is Szeto Inge still alive?" "Yes," said Li Jianfan, "the master of the Situ Family is still alive." "It's hard to believe, young man,interactive whiteboard prices," said Lady White. "You can't go wrong, madam," said Qi Beichen. "Qi Beichen has seen my old master. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known about this heinous tragedy. I've always been in charge of the thief." "Since you say so," said Lady White, "I can't help believing it. Where is Szeto Inge now?" "Forgive me, madam," said Qi Beichen. "It concerns the safety of my old master. Qi Beichen dare not reveal his whereabouts easily." "In that case,touch screen kiosk," said Lady White, "I can't ask again. Well, young man.." Lady Bai turned to Li Jianfan and said, "Your teacher again.." Li Jianfan said, "I'm afraid of my teacher. Your ladyship will forgive me." "Well," said the White Lady, "I won't ask any questions, so now we're going to enter the Situ Family.." Li Jianfan said, "This is a private affair of the Situ Family. I dare not work for outsiders. Manager Qi and I appreciate the kindness of your castle." "Young man," said Lady White, "you must know that this is not just a private affair of the Situ family." "Give me some advice, madam," said Li Jianfan. "Wen Renyan is also Miss Ouyang's enemy," said Lady Bai. "Do you know what relationship Miss Ouyang has with my Bai family?" "I don't know, interactive kiosk price ,temperature check kiosk," said Li Jianfan. "I'd like your ladyship's advice." "You know she is my fiancee," said Bai Yupu. "Oh," said Li Jianfan, "Really?" "Lord Shaobao," said Szeto Yan, "I have never agreed to this marriage. Wen Renyan is not my father. He has no right to be my master." Bai Yupu's face changed and she said hurriedly, "Sister Yan.." Lady Bai raised her hand to stop him. She looked at Szeto Yan and said, "Xiaoyan, don't you admit this marriage?" "Forgive me, Auntie," said Szeto Yan. "Marriage is not a child's play. I can't force my feelings. I've always regarded Lord Shaobao as my elder brother.." "Xiaoyan," said Lady Bai, "your Aunt Bai and Uncle Bai have treated you well, and Yupu has always been obedient to you.." "I know," said Szeto Yan. "I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart. I'll repay my uncle and aunt.
” "Is that how you repay us?" The Lord of the White Clothes Castle asked coldly. Lady Bai shook her head slightly and said, "Xiaoyan, we don't expect you to repay us. We are thinking about your happiness all your life. Feelings are important, but food, drink and clothing are indispensable for a day. Especially you are not used to wandering around in Jianghu and have no fixed abode. You are a wise man. You should think twice." Szeto Yan raised her eyebrows and said, "Thank you for your kindness and reminder. My view is different from my aunt's. I think it's the greatest pain for two people who have no feelings to live together for a lifetime. Bai Yupu suddenly laughed angrily and said, "Who do you have feelings with? With Li Jianfan, I knew it was him.." Szeto Yan's face sank and she said coldly, "Lord Bai Shao, I treat you like an elder brother and a friend. How can you treat me like this? It's my business who I have feelings for. It doesn't matter if I tell you now. My mother has already given me to Li Jianfan." Bai Yupu's face changed greatly and he was just about to speak. Lady Bai stretched out her hand and said, "Did your mother give you to Li Jianfan?" "Yes," said Szeto Yan. Lady Bai looked at Szeto Yan and said, "Xiaoyan, your mother is now '?" Of the White Clothes Castle. " "I know," said Szeto Yan. "My mother is gone." Lady Bai was stunned and said, "Your mother is gone. Who said that?" Szeto Yan was also stunned. "My mother didn't come to the Szeto Family with me last night. That means she has left her heart. Can it be said that.." "You're right," said Lady Bai. "Your mother did take poison early this morning, but your uncle Bai and I saved her. She's fine now. Why didn't I hear her say she gave you to Li Jianfan?" Li Jianfan and Qi Beichen felt a slight shock in their hearts! "What do you mean?" Asked Szeto Yan? My mother, she was saved by you two? "Isn't it?" "It's really dangerous," said Lady Bai. "Fortunately, your uncle Bai found out early. If he were any later, it would be too late." "Now my mother.." said Szeto Yan. "I'm afraid your mother will commit suicide again," said Lady White. "Now let her rest in the White Clothes Castle and send someone to watch her." "Thank you both," said Szeto Yan excitedly. "What's the matter with you," said Lady Bai. "Why are you so polite when you're one of your own? It's just that, Xiaoyan, if you don't rush anything else, you shouldn't make your Aunt Bai and Uncle Bai sad, shouldn't you?" "Xiaoyan knows," said Szeto Yan. "It's just that Xiaoyan thinks that marriage is marriage and kindness is kindness. The two can't be confused. I'll repay the kindness of the Bai family to my mother and daughter one day." "You're wrong to say that, Xiaoyan," said Lady Bai. "Your Aunt Bai and Uncle Bai are not the kind of people who repay kindness.." Szeto Yan said, "You two are not people who expect to repay your kindness. My mother and daughter have received your great kindness,touch screen digital signage, but they dare not refuse to repay it." "So you must report it?" Said Lady White, her eyes froze. "Yes," said Szeto Yan. 。


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