Quick wear: boss, have the guts to fight with me by Xin Jiujiu

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Xin Jiu Jiu is in three days to see He Muliang, Mu uncle is not poor money, mainly do not want to toss her, but finally still can not bear lovesickness, directly to her transfer to another hospital, because people have a high-sounding reason: Yizhou medical level is high! What's more, the day after tomorrow is the New Year's Eve, Liu Yan and Han Dongting can not be Xin Jiujiu's nurse, has been accompanied by her! Yizhou is the territory of Uncle Mu, so no matter how you look at it, transfer to another hospital is the best decision! Then there is the cheap family of Xin Jiujiu. "Forget it, don't tell them about my gas poisoning, anyway, they just think I'm an ATM, make a sum of money in the past, say I'm filming in the field, can't go back for the New Year!" Chapter 81 the first sister in the entertainment circle (80). At 12 o'clock on Chinese New Year's Eve, Xin Jiujiu had a New Year that he had never tried in two lifetimes! I spent it in the hospital. He Muliang is counting down the New Year bell! Amazing, isn't it? It's just the relationship between the task person and the task props! But unluckily, gave birth to true feelings! In the VIP ward, all the equipment is available, a hospital bed, a family bed,smart interactive whiteboard, the TV on the wall has been subtitled, Xin Jiujiu once again sighed, money can make the mare go, money is really uncle! He Muliang swaggered to eat the orange that Xin Jiujiu peeled out, obviously she is the patient, obviously he should serve her, but he just likes to take advantage of her like this and that. Sometimes it's verbal, sometimes it's verbal.. "Soft,digital signage screen, my family knows about my relationship with you." Xin Jiujiu suddenly opened his eyes wide and felt a pain in his throat! I'm choking! Choked on orange juice! Don't get excited, don't get excited! Look at you. The man put the orange on the table, close to Xin Jiujiu, and gave her a smooth breath. Are you feeling better? "Well.." Then what? What did your family say? "I didn't say anything." "Huh?" Xin Jiujiu blinked to show that he did not understand the meaning of his words, and he Muliang saw that she finally stopped coughing, took her into his arms, grabbed the soft lips, not deep, just a good grinding. I'm going to quit the entertainment industry and concentrate on being my big boss behind the scenes. "Huh?" "This is my family's condition, and they want you to quit the entertainment industry, because they don't like their daughter-in-law to appear in public outside!" Xin Jiujiu expressed his understanding after seeing many rich and powerful families' grudges. What about you? What was your final decision? Me? When I finish shooting the film at hand, I will announce my retirement from acting. No kissing scenes, no sex scenes, no emotional scenes! Can't tie up CP with others, hype gossip, can't late at night to the script! That's all for now, digital signage kiosk ,temperature screening kiosk, and I won't restrain you for the rest! “……” All right! That's all! Others are not bound?! These days, you have to take pictures of the breeding season in the animal world! He had the nerve to say that it was better to have no emotional drama! "Then I'll just shoot a Jurassic documentary!"! It's all dinosaurs, no emotional drama! Uncle Mu buckled Xin Jiujiu's head, pulled a little distance between them, and asked her with a straight face. It's all dinosaurs, so what are you playing? "A meal for dinosaurs?" Uncle Mu's good-looking sword eyebrows moved invisibly, and then shook his head to show his disapproval. No way! Only I can eat you! “……” Look at what Uncle Mu said, fortunately she knew that he didn't mean what he said! No way The thought is too dirty, must come to wrap the decontamination powder to go! Xin Jiujiu disliked himself and later found that the man's breathing had changed, his big hands were restless, and his head was a little closer. Only I can eat you! ~ Xin Jiujiu was so excited that he had goose bumps all over his body, and then he was put down on the soft pillow by the man.
He's going to.. "I love you!" [Ding-! Congratulations to the host for successfully getting Mu Liang's love and getting 1 point of freely assignable attribute. Congratulations to the host for successfully completing the side task and getting 2 points of freely assignable attribute. When the mechanical sound of the system sounded, Xin Jiujiu could not help thinking more, and a heat wave surrounded her brain, leaving her no time to think about anything else. "Well.." This kiss, more ferocious than the usual sentimental kiss, more gentle than the overbearing kiss. Bad small (beep-) in the text, can not describe the scene, hovering in the mind, one by one, be confirmed. Chapter 82 the first sister in the entertainment circle (81). After eating meat, men and women always seem to have endless energy to practice the knowledge stored in their minds over and over again on each other. Come on, we're out of condoms! He Muliang kept moving, grabbed the little hand that stopped him, and kissed him little by little. It doesn't matter, I'll go to the family planning department to get some more. "Don't.." It's the third time. What a shame! Guard the hospital, it is convenient! But you can't go to the family planning department to buy these things again and again! "What are you afraid of? It's not like you don't give money!" “……” Forget it, anyway, he went to get it, he was the one who was ashamed! During the three days of the Spring Festival, two people are entangled together at night, doing sports that are good for their physical and mental health, and watching movies together during the day, which is a rare relaxation. "Half Life Misty Rain" was released, when filming did not feel much fear, but really edited into a TV series, Xin Jiujiu found that his heart is too small, it can not accept the female ghost floating in front of her eyes, although she knows very well that those female ghosts, like her, are actors! On the fifth day of the first lunar month, Director Hu called her, inquired about her physical condition, and agreed on the shooting time. To be honest, Xin Jiujiu really did not know before, carbon monoxide poisoning is so terrible, did not leave sequelae, should thank Liu Yan and Han Dongting! On the seventh day of the first lunar month, the cast of "My 1978" met again in the small village in the northeast. The original cast still went to the remote snow mountain to finish shooting. After that, they shot near the farmyard for two weeks, and finally completed the shooting scene in the northeast. The rest is the story of Xiao Yu's return to the city,digital whiteboard price, Ma Ang's search for her, and the final encounter. Ow, ow. Send troops back to the court! 。 hsdtouch.com


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