Quick wear raiders: the male God of the pattern asks to be pushed down

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Holding the snow, the singer seduced the two little guys. After the two little people looked at each other, they each snorted, "We don't have a mother, so we don't want to play with you." These days, Shu Ange has been used to the rejection of the two little guys, just looking at them like Xiao Zhan's eyebrows, the heart is inevitably a little sad. She sprinkled the snowflakes in her hands and leaned against the rockery with a lonely expression. In a twinkling of an eye, the snowflakes fell on her shoulders. Jixiang and Ruyi, while playing, secretly watched their mother who had been gone for two years. Seeing her lonely face, the two little people could not bear it. What is a snowman? "Look at your pity, let's accompany you reluctantly." Like an auspicious little adult, he put his hands behind his back and spoke to Shu Ange with an air. The duplicitous closeness of the two little people drew a brilliant smile from Shu Ange: "Come on, let's roll out the snowballs together first, and then stack them together." In order to get the approval of the two little guys as soon as possible, Shu Ange is snowballing, or singing, but also to deal with two people's hundred thousand why, more tired than marching and fighting. The rise of auspicious and Ruyi play, the little face is red, and the eyes are full of moist luster. After the snowman was made, the three of them had a snowball fight. Shu Ange deliberately released water. The two little guys fought more and more bravely, and they had her style. After playing for a long time,information kiosk price, Jixiang and Ruyi were tired and stopped. Ruyi blinked his watery eyes and asked, "I heard that you are a general. Are you more powerful than Aye?" Auspicious pursued again: "Do you know martial arts? Will the general be very fierce and kill people?" Xiao Zhan stood under the corridor, watching Shu Ange carefully accompany the two children to play, warm eyes. Seeing that her crane was wet by the melting snow and afraid that the two children would catch cold, Xiao Zhan walked slowly down the courtyard, but just heard a sentence. Of course, the general is up, and you, Aye,facial recognition thermometer, are down. Shu Ange is a pun, but a warm voice behind him sounded: "Auspicious, Ruyi, you should go back to the house to do your homework." "Yes, Aye." The two of them were not satisfied, but they did not dare to disobey Aye. Before leaving, the two children looked back hand in hand with a smile: "Ah Niang, we have not forgotten you.". But if you leave us again in the future, I really don't want to recognize you! "People are small and ghosts are big." Shu Ange smiled and watched them leave, but Xiao Zhan's cold hand reached into her neck from behind, and she shivered. Well, the general is up and I'm down. Xiao Zhan's coda sounded like a smile. Knowing that he was in the wrong, Shu Ange turned around and buried his head in Xiao Zhan's arms: "It's a joke. It's just a joke." As she spoke, her cold fingers slipped into Xiao Zhan's arms to make trouble. She raised her head and said innocently, "Ah Zhan, the country is prosperous and the people are peaceful. The river is clear and the sea is peaceful. I will never risk my life again and become a great hero." Xiao Zhan untied Shu Ange's wet crane cloak, threw it on the ground, thermal imaging camera ,face recognition identification, untied the stone blue cloak, circled her in his arms, and walked toward the corridor. Shu Ange clung to his arms and said, "Ah Zhan's arms are the warmest. My Ah Zhan is the best husband in the world." "There are many people who can fight, and there are more people who are famous in history.". Jixiang and Ruyi have only one mother, and I have only one. After going up the corridor, Xiao Zhan picked up Shu Ange's face and said such an affectionate word with a serious face. After saying that, he tightened his arm and put Shu Ange firmly in his arms. He put his chin on her hair and said in a muffled voice, "Qing Qing, I miss you every day and every night. I only want to stay with you forever in this life.". You fought a bloody battle at the border, and I was shocked in Jiankang. He expressed all the attachment and fear in his heart, and Shu Ange stood on tiptoe slightly, replacing all the answers with a passionate kiss. After a kiss, the two of them were out of breath. Shu Ange bit Xiao Zhan's earlobe and said niftily, "Ah Zhan, go back to your room. General, how about you?" Xiao Zhan's eyes changed in an instant, and he picked up Shu Ange and walked toward their bedroom. The spring scenery is suddenly released, the lotus tent is warm, is turned over the red wave, after two people are satisfied, goes to sleep deeply, the body actually still overlaps together. In the dream, Shu Ange saw snowflakes in a trance. Liu yuanfang died in a humble room. After being discovered, she set off a storm in the market, but no one dared to collect her body.
Later, when Xiao Jiaguolang heard about this, he sighed and sent someone to bury Liu yuanfang. True also, dream also, Shu Ange woke up in a trance, looking at Xiao Zhan sleeping, a soft heart, and he hugged and slept. (Meow ~ ~ sailing is easy to be shielded, touch everyone ~ ~) Chapter 339 upgrade reward big release ~ Every time she left the mission, Shu Ange could clearly feel a sense of stripping from the depths of her soul, as if part of her emotions had been forcibly left in the mission. In the world with Xiao Zhan, she had fought side by side with him, and also raised her eyebrows with him. After returning to the temple, Shu Ange also had a clear sense of loss. But without that kind of intense, tenderness and tenderness until death, Shu Ange remembers every object he has attacked and the time he spent with them. Whether a world really exists or not, Shu Ange looked up at more and more white light groups suspended above the dome. When she becomes a B-level time and space manager, can she really uncover the secrets hidden in the deepest place? Congratulations to the host, you are about to become a C-level time manager. La-la-la, this is your first time to upgrade, flower, flower ~ Shu Ange's meditation was interrupted by the lively and cheerful Xiao Weiji. I don't know if it was to celebrate her smooth promotion. Xiao Weiji was particularly happy today. Big flowers of gorgeous colors, fluttering down, after touching the ground, silently melted in. Colorful ribbons crisscrossed the air, and the little girl was happily shuttling and rolling inside. Emotions can be infected. Driven by Xiao Weiji, Shu Ange couldn't help smiling: "Xiao Weiji, thank you for your company." "It's a piece of cake ~ \ (≧ ≦)/~ la la la,face recognition identification kiosk, I'm advancing and retreating with the host, refresh your panel quickly and add bonus attribute points!" As for the upgrade, Xiao Weiji was even more excited than Shu Ange. She clicked on the attribute interface and glanced at it and found that she was rewarded with 5 attributes. hsdtouch.com


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