Tian Cang Yu of Hokage

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"Oh.." This is not an illusion. The third husband smiled, and his smile was brilliant. There seems to be a sense of success in the plot, so that the snow painting instinctively felt bad, clothes did not change on the rush out. However, she froze. Eyes, is the endless sea. Blue.. And I'm standing on the shaking floor. "What the hell is going on?" A scream rang through the ship. Snow painting remembered: last night it seems that the guy was forced to carry to the company after he fainted in the past. Then Xue Hui gnashed her teeth with hatred and looked around, searching for the figure of the disaster. But what is our scourge doing now? With godless eyes looking at the sea, Cang Yu sat on the deck, his face a little pale, his hands wrapped around a cylinder. Um. Not good Ew.. Cang Yu suddenly lowered his head and spit it out again. Cang Yu, are you all right. Bai kept patting Cang Yu's back in the back, wiping his mouth with a silk scarf in one hand. Brother. I didn't expect you to get seasick. Naruto sat beside him and said jokingly, "You brought so many bags of iron sand here just to press the boat!" Cang Yu mercilessly glared at him, helplessly holding the cylinder and spitting up. One side of the white can only be helpless wry smile. There is no way to do this. Cang Yu has never been to the sea for so long in his two lives. Not to mention a boat ride. "Brother.." Why don't you swim across so you don't have to take a boat.. Naruto gave him a sympathetic look and said. Do you want to exhaust me to death. Cang Yu gave him an angry white look,interactive panel board, "if it's close, it's better to fly." And I can't swim. "What?"? Are you a landlubber? Naruto laughed unscrupulously, "Ah, I didn't expect my brother to be a landlubber. I finally found your weakness.." If in peacetime, Cang Yu would have grabbed the chair and smashed it. But now he doesn't even have the strength to find a chair. I can only let him be proud. [Wait for me when you get off the boat..] "Ew.." ―――――――――――――――――――――――――― Quickly set up all the photographic scenes and equipment! Makeup artist,smart interactive whiteboard, help them make up and get ready to shoot! The hot-blooded director howled loudly with a loudspeaker. Cang Yu they three people stand aside, no, is squatting aside, Cang Yu is still holding the cylinder, painful. "Oh, is it Tian Cangyu?"? Aren't you very tough? Why is it so painful now? Snow painted a face of banter looking at the pale face of Cang Yu, full of a taste of revenge. "You!" For Naruto's ridicule of Cang Yu, Bai is understandable. But when it comes to snow painting, it's different. The nature is different! And in a sense, snow painting or white rival in love, interactive boards for classrooms ,smart board touch screen, white of course is not hesitate to stare at the past. Although the snow painting is a bit inexplicable, but to see a woman whose appearance is not worse than his own appear beside Cang Yu, but also so to defend him, do not know where to come out of a sour, refused to admit defeat but stared back. That's what women do. Even if it's not your own, you can be jealous. This is what Cang Yu has always admired about women. Strong! The temperature rose sharply in the collision of the two men's eyes, and even some of the ice floes on the side of the ship melted. Of course, this is an exaggeration. And Naruto? Looked at the white, then looked at the snow painting, and finally looked at Cang Yu, and then very peace of mind turned to see the sea: "Ah, the weather is good!" " Finally it was Cang Yu, and as soon as he looked up, he saw that there seemed to be no room for him to intervene. And then he went on to vomit. Anyway, the boat will cross the bridge when it comes to it. What to do or what to do..] This is the consistent creed of Cang Yu. Apart from the fact that he is more enthusiastic about training his strength, he always looks at other things. The first day of shooting passed in this strange atmosphere. The next day.
"Guide.." Guide. Guide. Director, it's not good! Early in the morning, I heard the producer shouting, and everyone was woken up before they had slept enough. What the hell? Naruto rubbed his sleepy eyes and was about to complain when he was shocked by the scene in front of him. Iceberg! What a big iceberg! The ship was completely blocked and could not move forward! "Director, what should we do?" The producer asked. Oh! This is it! The director's small eyes suddenly burst into bright light, "What a wonderful scene!"! This is it! I want to put him on the screen! This is simply the film God gave us a wonderful scene ah! Then he shouted at the people around him: "Change the shooting plan immediately and shoot here!" So they braved the cold and went up the mountain. For Naruto and Snow, they can be quite reluctant. But Cang Yu is eager to go up, ah, finally can have a rest. However, when Cang Yu stepped on the iceberg, his eyebrows were wrinkled. Because he felt the artificial fluctuation of chakra. The natural chakra in the body of Cang Yu, also known as the immortal chakra, is very sensitive to the fluctuation of natural energy. Cang Yu's heart has begun to pay attention. Find a place to sit down and start to recover quickly. Brother, hurry up to recover. Would you like something to eat and vomit later? Naruto said with a smile. Cang Yu looked at Naruto and suddenly laughed. Brilliant, really brilliant smile! "Naruto, have you flown before?" "No." "No?"? That You're going to throw up! Cang Yu grabbed Naruto and spread his wings to fly in the air. Fast and slow, high and low. And play tricks from time to time. For example,smartboard for business, "S" shaped.. " W-shaped.. "Mother!"! Grandma Three aunts and six aunts, help!!! There was an inhuman cry in the air. For this pair of stooges, Bai and Xuehui are helpless and laughing at the same time. How's it going? Is it fun? Cang Yu said to Naruto with a smile. hsdsmartboard.com


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