End of the world mercenary system

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The gorilla, who seemed to be addicted to playing, seemed to feel the heavy meaning of the sword, and surprisingly did not follow up and repeat the stick.. With a loud bang, the stick in the gorilla's hand went up to meet him. This time, the huge shock of the stick forced the gorilla to take a step back. In the gravity field of the gorilla, in its home court, Bai Su forced him to take a step back with strength.. "Roar." The gorilla is angry. " The sky does not sink, as soon as the sky falls, the sword formula comes out, the sword potential changes fiercely, the golden sword suddenly has a vertical and horizontal sword gas, the golden sword gas "whoosh" straight out, and the sticky space is pierced with black holes one by one. The Golden Sword, with the force of ten thousand Jun, stabbed the King Kong gorilla with a sound of "~ clang ~".. The golden sword fell to the ground. Bai Su vomited blood and flew hundreds of meters. "Too abnormal," Bai Su murmured. The gorilla rounded the stick, broke the sharp sword at once, and took his turn when he broke it. At this time, the confessional element did not even react at all, so he was swept out a few hundred meters and smashed into the rubble with a "sound". Hundred flowers tablet.. "Bai Su suddenly thought of it.". Also not suddenly thought of, but now the opening of the Baihua Palace,smart board interactive whiteboard, Baihua Stele has been suppressed in the Baihua Palace as a stone tablet of the town government. If you take it, it's not just trouble.. "Poof!" A mouthful of golden blood spat out, "the hand is really his grandmother's heavy ah." Bai Su, who usually tries her best to be elegant, could not help but burst out at this time. The fight was really too depressing. The natural spiritual power in the body automatically runs around, and the floating injury in the body is instantly cured. Reaching out to wipe a trace of blood from the corners of his mouth, he stood up from the rubble and reached out to take back the golden sword. Lightning flashed in my mind, staring at the body of the King Kong gorilla,touch screen board classroom, constantly looking for its weaknesses. Like this rough skin and thick flesh, the defense is amazing to the extreme, although there is no energy attack, but only by the almost insoluble gravity control, as well as the vast power is difficult to deal with to the extreme. Moreover, Bai Su's eyes narrowed, and the gorilla had two big dark hammers pinned to his waist. "This strength, compared with the physical quality of the peak of the field, is like a quail egg hitting a stone. As the saying goes, one force breaks ten thousand methods. His sister, let me fight?" Bai Su jumped up and down, twinkling and twinkling, and between the gaps, the spirit of speech, the natural magic, interactive touch screens education ,smart boards for conference rooms, and the imprisonment of space were all severely trampled by this barbaric gorilla. It can be said that the means that Bai Su has mastered now have almost no effect on gorillas. All kinds of magic do not break the defense, the Golden Lotus Bibo field is ignored, even if the power of one side of the space can be blocked by a gorilla stick. Bai Su is now, and the gorilla is not a heavyweight, let alone be able to beat it, even if it is hopeless to escape, in this step-by-step pursuit, the gorilla also learned to be smart, Bai Su this teleportation ability, a potential completely locked in the body of Bai Su. No matter where Bai Su fled, he was able to detect it first. Unable to escape, one side of the moist soil turned into mud. Bai Su was in a gap, and a twelve-inch lotus flower flashed in his hand. After a brown-yellow halo, he turned a hundred meters around the ground into a swamp tens of meters deep, and then his body flashed 100 meters away. Then he looked into the distance expectantly. Xindao, this guy can't fly. If he falls into the swamp, he will have something for me to escape. Fortunately, I have the ability to shrink into inches. Otherwise, he would have been consumed to death by this orangutan. "Grass" a howl of grief and indignation, Bai Su only had time to cross the golden sword out to block it, and was swept out at the waist. This guy is definitely an intelligent creature. The orangutan didn't fall for it at all. When he reached the edge of the swamp, before he stepped on a black ripple, the mud was directly pressed into a thin layer of cake. But Bai Su was distracted. A clean blow from the nimble orangutan.. "What about swelling..". The power of this guy is at least up to the level of domain master. "The natural spiritual power in the albino body surges, repairing the damaged inner house.".
"Roar to the sky with a sword." The thunder broke through ten thousand Jun Tao. Disdains the world male, Respect the Lord of Hundred Flowers Alone Just when Bai Su began to think about whether to go back to the exchange hall to rest first, and wait for the last ten days and a half months, and then come out when the gorilla went away. A high-pitched song suddenly came from the sky, immediately attracted Bai Su's line of sight. A fiery red figure across the sky, suddenly appeared on the top of the gorilla's head, not even a sign, a purple thunder "boom", toward the top of the gorilla's head. Bai Su gaped at the sudden appearance of the man in red and threw out the idea of returning to the exchange hall. After all, this is the domain of the stone man, and don't hide for long if you hide in it. And the man's ability to stand in the void over the head of the most powerful gorilla proves his strength and.. Watch him do it It's like you're at odds with a gorilla.. One by one, the electric arc flowed from the gorilla's body, as if it had been numbed by electricity, and stiffened there. Then, an incredible scene appeared in which the man in red stretched out his fist and smashed it into the gorilla's head. Then a burst of stone chips was shaken off, and the rubble cracked from the body of the stone man.. "" The gorilla broke on the ground, breaking into hills of stones, mostly black, apparently caused by the purple thunder and lightning just now. The gorilla was broken, the gravity guidance disappeared, and Bai Su felt a burst of relief. Is this the end? Bai Su scratched his head with his hand and said incredulously. The stone man, who had just been allowed to run around like a gopher, was finished in less than a minute by the man in red with a thunderbolt and a punch. Looking at the broken gorilla, Bai Su said: I can't accept it. After solving the gorilla, the man in red took a look at Bai Su,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and like the wind, he flew towards Bai Su. Closer, the body surface of the man in red was surrounded by a layer of red fireworks beating.. hsdsmartboard.com


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