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Zhao Chen came to the little girl's horse and said, "Twelve Niang, why are you here? Does the fourth brother know?" The little girl, who had been as fierce as a little tiger just now, was like a child who had been caught doing something wrong. She quickly dismounted and came to Zhao Chen's side and said, "Brother Ten, I ran out secretly. You must not tell my brother Wang, or he will lock me up again." Yang Yan listened to also startled, "four elder brothers" is Qing Wang Zhao Kai, this little girl is Zhao Kai's younger sister? In fact, this little girl is the sister of Zhao Kai, King of Qing, who is now the head of Tongling County, Zhao Wanru. It is also the smallest one in the imperial clan of this generation. "Well," said Zhao Chen, "I won't tell the fourth brother. You'd better go back quickly so that the fourth brother won't know." Zhao Wanru had an argument this time. She turned over and got on the horse. She did not forget to tell Zhao Chen, "Brother Ten, don't tell me, Brother Wang." With a shake of the reins, the crowd moved out of the way, and the red horse spread its legs and galloped away. Yang Yan and Zhao Chen also squeezed out of the crowd, turned a few streets, and found a quiet place to stop. Zhao Chen looked at Yang Yan and said, "Brother-in-law, how could it be like this?" Yang Yan gave a wry smile and said, "King Xin,artificial banyan trees, don't call me that in the future." Zhao Chen blushed and said, "I still like you to call me Xiao Chen.". What's going on with you and my sister? Yang Yan sighed and said, "Xiao Chen, this matter is too complicated. I won't invite you for a while. Anyway, I can do nothing about it now." Zhao Chen suddenly got a little excited and said, "I know everything. You didn't marry my sister because of one. My sister is a little bad. Why don't you want to marry her? I.." I I really want you to be my brother-in-law. Yang Yan had to shake his head with a wry smile. He didn't know what to say to Zhao Chen. He had to say, "You are still young now. Maybe you will understand when you grow up and experience more things in a few years." "I'm still young," said Zhao Chen blankly? When you grow up, you will understand that your sister said the same thing. Why do you all say the same thing. Is there really any other way? Yang Yan shook his head and said,decorative palm trees, "Maybe I really have no chance with Princess Yongning." Zhao Chen suddenly stepped back, blushing, and shouted, "Yang Yan, I hate you so much." With that, he turned and ran away. Yang Yan chased two steps, finally stopped and watched Zhao Chen disappear in the crowd. Volume III Linan Twelve Golden Princes 1 On August 25, Wanyan Yong left the generals Bo Shu Lu Ding, Wanyan Sijing, Gao Jianzhong, Yang Woyan and others to guard the passes, and then led the other ministers back to Zhongdu. After returning to Beijing, Wanyan Yong immediately issued an edict to exempt Nanjing Road from taxes for one year, and Shandong Road, Hebei Road and other places reduced taxes by half. In order to stabilize the situation in these places. He also collected grain from various places and transported it to these three routes one after another in order to solve the shortage of grain in these three routes. Taishi Zhang Hao wrote a letter suggesting that since the court had stopped fighting against the Song Dynasty, the Privy Council could be restored to manage military affairs without setting up the capital marshal's office for the time being, so as to show that the court had no intention of conquering and to reassure the people. In the original military system of the Jin Dynasty, the Privy Council was set up to take charge of military affairs in peacetime, silk olive tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and in wartime, the Privy Council was changed to the Marshal's Office. First, the official position should be changed accordingly. After Wanyan Yong saw the table, he immediately agreed. At the same time, Shi Lie Zhining submitted his resignation. After Wanyan Yong saw the table, he asked him to stay again and again before he took it back. Wanyan Yong also made a series of adjustments to the personnel arrangements in the court. With Shangshu Province as the administrative center, the Jin State had nine ruling ministers. Zhang Hao, the grand master, was the minister, Zhongyi, the servant, was the left prime minister, Zong Zheng was the right prime minister, He Shi Lie Liangbi and Wanyan Fushou were the ministers of Pingzhang, He Shi Lie Zhining was the minister of Zuo Cheng, Bai Yanjing was the minister of Youcheng, Shi Ju and Cai Songnian were the ministers of politics. Li Shi is the imperial envoy Zhongcheng. He also appointed Borsa as the privy envoy, Wanyan Mouyan as the military governor of the Xingping Army, the deputy privy envoy, and Wanyan Changzhi as the military governor of the Tianshun Army, who signed the Privy Council and was in charge of military affairs. Su Baoheng was the military governor of Heng Navy, the general manager of Hebei West Road, and stationed in Bohai County. The original name of Zhongdu was Yanjing. In the fifth year of Jin Dade (1153), after Dajin began to try to move the capital to Zhongdu, fifteen years passed.
Wang Wanyan Liang, who had moved the capital to Hailing, was already decapitated, but Zhongdu changed its fate and became a big and prosperous city in China. The shops were more prosperous and the streets were crowded with people. Although most of them were Han people, there were many people of all nationalities, such as Jurchen, Khitan, Xi and Bohai, and many of them came from the Western Regions. Foreigners in Korea. I still remember that I was only seven years old that year, and I moved to Zhongdu with my father. I still remember that although the Zhongdu Palace at that time was prosperous, the street cloth outside the palace was very deserted, and the whole city was big but simple. At that time, it had just changed its name to Zhongdu, and many ordinary people were not used to it. When they opened their mouths, they were all Yanjing, Yanjing. Unexpectedly, many years have passed in a flash, and Yandian has become the most prosperous city in Dajin. Nagayuki, when did you first come to Zhongdu? Wanyan Ruixian turned slightly sideways, and Wanyan Changzhi beside him asked. Today, she is dressed in the costume of a Han Chinese woman. Her upper body is covered with a straight silk brocade with a hundred flower patterns, and she is lined with an egret pattern batik pleated gold dress, which highlights her exquisite and tall figure. Her beautiful black and ink-dyed hair was pulled up in a bun, with a double silver hairpin inserted, and her eyes were glittering and translucent. She looked forward to life, quiet and quiet, which attracted the attention of many passers-by. Wanyan Changzhi said, "All this is just the result of Wanyan Liang's extravagance and extravagance, regardless of the strength of the people.". "It only empties the treasury," complained the people. Today he was dressed in a Jurchen costume, wearing a four-belt scarf, a long collar, a Tao-han belt around his waist,Faux cherry blossom tree, and black leather boots on his feet. With his tall and majestic figure, he looked radiant and vigorous. The two men walked side by side, attracting countless envious eyes.


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