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"" Oh. " Ryan looked at Arlene. Yalin shook her head and said, "Ryan, I, I ran away from marriage. The prince of the dark elves forced me to marry her. I told him about you, but he still forced me. I had no choice but to run away." Ryan? You are the human who is engaged to Princess Arlene. Now cancel the engagement immediately. A dark elf came out and said insolently. Your one? Layne gave the dark elf a white look. Jepsen and others are not talking. In the heart secret way: "Finished, another one has nothing to do to beat.". Everyone looked sympathetically at the dark elf. I am Jekali, the first archer of the Dark Flame tribe of the Dark Elves. "Hello, Mr. Jekali." Ryan laughed and said, "You can't just call off the engagement." Yalin bit her lip, expecting something. Melissa whispered, "Don't worry, Ryan won't cancel. But I think the dark elves are going to be in trouble. He used to play with the big family like Leona when he was alone. Now even the gods and demons are around him. Who else is he afraid of?" Yalin nodded with a red face. "I'm not worried about that," he said. "I'm just worried about Ryan's safety." Rebecca cut in and said, "Hee hee, that's not to worry about.". Ryan has no other skills, but his ability to escape is excellent. Jacary held out his chest strongly and said,faux grass wall, "It's just an engagement. You can cancel the engagement.". \ \ YunXuanGe. Com \ \ We'll make up for the loss. "How? You can't afford what I'm asking." Aren't you just a human being? What can you want? Money? Beauty? It is up to you "I want a beautiful woman." Ryan opened his mouth shamelessly, a mouthful of saliva. The two beauties who had just defended Ryan were stunned for a moment. Scold together, way: "This bastard, what change unexpectedly is so color." Jiekali laughed and said, "OK, as long as you like it,fake blossom tree, we will think of a way." "But, but I." Layne coyly wrung his hands together and said shyly, "I like a female elf."? Can you do it? Jepsen and others sweated from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet and had goose bumps all over their bodies. Layne's expressions and movements were so unexpected. Or it's too unacceptable. Yes, haha, it's easier. With the power of our dark elves in the elf forest, it's easier to get a female elf. Tell me, who do you like? Don't be embarrassed. Jecali only thought that Ryan's expression was too shy to make, and he thought it was understandable. I have a crush on Selina Arlene, the princess of the Water Elves. Do me a favor, my Lord? Yes, no. Guy. You're kidding me. Jecali's face was black enough to be tricked by Ryan. The face is darker. "Ryan is very pure to answer:" I did not ah, silk ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, you let me pick, I picked one, you are not to say who is OK? "I didn't say Princess Arlene could." But didn't you just say it was all right? Let me do whatever I want and tell me which one of you can do it? Jekali was in a panic and said, "I, I just said anyone can do it. I didn't say Princess Yalin can do it." You didn't say that just now. How do I know? You're stupid if you don't say everything. Ryan complained. "Now I say, you choose another one," said Jekali with a straight face. "Then I like her." Ryan pointed quietly to Irina. Jepsen and others naturally began to shrink back, and Ryan was obviously ready to play the bastards to death. As soon as Irina came down the stairs, she was pointed at by Ryan and scolded angrily: "You bastard, you dare to point at anyone, you don't want to live." "All right, no problem. It's just a woman. It's easy." Jekali thought he was coming with nearly a hundred holy marksmen, and he was so confident that he forgot to take a look at the talent of the elves first. YunXuanGe. CoM "woman, it's easy. You are impatient with the flexibility of the dark spirit. Irina was pissed off by Jecali. Just because she can't touch Ryan doesn't mean she can't touch anyone else. Woman, what do you want? As long as you marry this man. You want to die.
"There was a chill between Yilina's eyebrows.". Jecali is still ready to open his mouth without knowing whether he is alive or dead. Ryan had stepped back a long way. Jecali saw only a shadow and smelled a faint fragrance before he lay down. What are the consequences of sinning against God? A group of people finally know the consequences, of course, these guys are more aware of what is bad luck. They didn't even know who they were offending, and then they all fell to the ground in a punch. Hundreds of holy ranks of sharpshooters, not to mention combat effectiveness. The reaction and speed of the elves are much faster than that of human beings, but now more than 100 sharpshooters have no power to fight back, or even the chance to react, all of them lie down, and the fallen group of people do not even know who hit them. Ryan crouched in front of a dark elf and said, "Mr. Jecali, if you can get that woman to marry me, how about I give up Princess Arlene?" The dark elf innocently covered his swollen face and shed tears. "Me," he said, "I'm not Jekali. That one over there is." The dark elf pointed to the guy not far away whose teeth had fallen out and whose head was swollen like a pig's head. "Can't you think of a way to tell?" Ryan said angrily. "Layne, you, you are against the dark elves." Jecali's whole body ached and he couldn't get up. Irina is very measured, and the dark elves have lost all their fighting abilities. I can only lie on the ground and hum. Ryan pointed at Irina and said, "OK, you can say whatever you like. Anyway, it's not me who hit you. If you have the ability, you can find that woman to settle accounts." Jecali was just about to say something. Suddenly found a murderous pressure to come over, Yilina is staring at him viciously. Jekali had the good sense to shut up. Ryan patted Jecali on the shoulder and said, "Brother,fake ficus tree, I want to ask you something. Is your prince very powerful?" "Well, well.." Jecali wanted to say something complimentary. If you think the situation is not right now, you'd better not make trouble for yourself.


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