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Zi Chuan Xiu is determined not to do it. He knew that the secret ballot was very unfavorable to him at this time. Since ancient times, the capitulationists have been unpopular, and 90% of the people present are opposed to capitulation. There has always been a voice of discontent with him in the army, and the split at the top of the Far East Coalition has been clearly laid out in front of everyone. If his proposal fails in an open vote, his downfall will follow. The officers were so noisy that they said there was no freedom, no democracy, and even called the King of Light a capitulator and a traitor. Zichuan Xiu quarreled with dozens of voices, and his head was dizzy. Finally he forced the clappers: "Don't make any noise!"! If we miss this opportunity, we will bleed dozens of times! Since I am the King of Light, I am the one who will be responsible for the Far East, and I will be the one who will be responsible for history in the future, so I have the final say! A shrill voice, hiding in the dark, shouted in a strange tone: "Thunder Hong!"! We have another thunder flood! The meeting hall was suddenly quiet. Everyone turned around and looked at the corner, but they didn't see anything. Zi Chuan Xiu stood up with a calm expression: "That's settled!"! The meeting is adjourned! The officers left the meeting noisily. Zichuan Xiu angrily unbuttoned the collar of his uniform and took a few heavy breaths. It was really unexpected for him that the meeting was like this. He did not expect that the people of the Far East were so stubborn that they did not even want to die for the sake of an independent reputation and a brave reputation. They can't tell the difference between political compromise and personal moral honor. What's more, Soth has been fanning the flames in the crowd just now. Zi Chuan Xiu recognized that the strange voice was what he pretended to be. As a member of the high command,outdoor ficus tree, he could express his views openly, but he only dared to hide in the dark and shout abuse. He was a despicable person. Zi Chuan Xiu took a sip of water and was about to go out when Bran stopped him. "Your Highness!" Zi Chuan Xiu turned around. "Well, what's the matter?"? First of all, I'm not going to accompany you in the quarrel. I was tired enough just now. The Orc General smiled. "Your Highness, you worry too much.". It's just that I have to report what happened tonight to Elder Budan and wait for the instructions of the elder. "The report is your freedom. You don't have to tell me, do you?" "I'm open and aboveboard," Bran said lightly. Zi Chuan Xiu looked back at him and asked,outdoor palm trees, "Well, what's your own opinion?" The half-orc smiled. "Your Highness, what you said is not unreasonable.". The war has lasted too long, the whole Far East has been devastated, and the people's lives are really hard. "Do you agree with me?" There was confusion in the orc's eyes. "Your Highness, I don't know.". I think the Far East needs peace, but the price of surrendering to the Demons for peace seems too high. What are we fighting for? Those brothers who died in battle, what are they for? Your Highness, I am just a warrior, these national affairs, should not have been my consideration, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,large artificial blossom trees, I do not understand these. But Your Highness, you are the commander appointed by the elders. The elders trust you. You must be better than us, so I trust you too. Do we trust you because the elders trust you? Zi Chuan Xiu smiled coldly and said, "This trust really touches me!" Hearing the irony in Zichuan Xiu's words, Bran was silent. After a while, he said softly, "Your Highness, I think it's too risky for you to decide to stop the war without authorization.". It's better to ask the elder first. Otherwise, I'm afraid we won't be able to explain it to the elders. He raised his hand to salute Zichuan Xiu and strode out of the meeting. Zi Chuan Xiu looked at Bran's tall figure, but what he thought was the bottomless eyes of Elder Budan. The patient, who had such a great influence on the Far East that the warriors under his command were afraid of his gentle reproachful eyes? Orcish warriors have a clear relationship with their superiors and subordinates, but with Elder Budan, they have a blood relationship like parents and children. They were first the warriors of the Zoi, then the warriors of the Far East.
He shared the joys and sorrows of the Far East soldiers, went through life and death, and led them from one victory to another. In return, the Far East people respected him as the king and shouted "Long live the King of Light". But now it seems that the earth-shaking voice of "Long live the King of Light" is far more powerful than the cough of a patient tens of thousands of miles away. He commanded his army and controlled the secular aspects of the Far East, but the Budan elders held their souls, which were sacred and inviolable as a kind of faith. Somehow, Zichuan Xiu felt very uncomfortable. He did not want to think about it, but he had to admit that the King of Light was not the supreme authority in the Far East. Above him, there was a more authoritative existence, that is, the lights of the Holy Temple were shining. Once the two beliefs come into conflict, which side will the fighters choose? At five o'clock in the afternoon of the second day, General Yu Lin of the Demons was packing his bags when there was a gentle sound of footsteps outside the door. Hearing the sound of footsteps, he stiffened. He raised his head and smiled at Zichuan Xiu. "General Guangming?" Looking at the package that had been packed up, Zichuan Xiu stuck out his tongue: "This guy really did what he said. If he didn't agree, he would really walk away without hesitation." Your Excellency should have made a decision to come at this time, right? Although it has been well thought out, it really takes a lot of determination to say this out of your mouth: "I deeply feel that Your Majesty has a great deal of virtue, and the allied forces have agreed to surrender to the kingdom. I implore Your Excellency Yu Lin to convey to His Majesty the loyalty of the Far East soldiers and civilians to the kingdom, and also ask Your Majesty to forgive us for our past sins." Cloud shallow snow breathed a sigh of relief: the purpose of his trip has finally been achieved. He said gently, "You can rest assured that Your Majesty knows very well that the soldiers and civilians in the Far East are pure and good in nature, but they have been oppressed by the tyrannical Emperor Lu and confused by evil, so they have no choice but to go astray.". Your Majesty has been generous and has forgiven your sins. From this moment on, you of the Far East are still good subjects of our kingdom. "Your Majesty's grace, the soldiers and civilians of the Far East are impressed with five clothes!"! Please tell your majesty that the subjects of the Far East will be loyal to your majesty,silk cherry blossom tree, loyal and firm, just like the guards, and will never be confused by evil again! 。 hacartificialtree.com


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