Forensic Qin Ming Series (Complete Works)

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"Oh?" I said, "Tell me, is there any basis?" Dabao said: "What forensic doctor Han said before is reasonable. The murderer had the action of dismembering the body, but the force of the attack was not strong, unlike that of a man.". In addition, every case is first poisoned and then killed, which is very similar to women's methods. "Aren't you still talking about those bases?"? You didn't agree with forensic Han at first, but now you agree? I asked. But I've been thinking a lot these two days, especially since you once told us that when we look at a series of cases, we should connect each case in series. Dabao said, "An important link in this series of cases is that the dead in the first four cases are all men." I was lost in thought, and Lin Tao said: "But the last one is a woman, which can not be regarded as a relevant condition." Chapter 162 Epilogue: The Truth Comes Out (3) Update the latest chapters of forensic Qin Ming series (complete works) as soon as possible! Big treasure says: "You think, what person ability can cheat the other side to drink poisonous wine or water easily commonly?"? It's either an acquaintance or a seduction. None of the four deceased had any connection with each other. In the past few months, the main investigation direction of the investigators was whether there was any overlap in the social relations of these people. So far, no connection has been found, indicating that there is no one familiar with each other. Then the possibility of acquaintances committing crimes is ruled out, and the most likely one is seduction! I patted the table: "Dabao is usually dizzy, but I agree with his analysis very much!"! It's just that the last victim was a woman, which is not easy to explain. Dabao took out a stack of information from his bag and said,Edible oil filling machine, "This is the latest result of the investigation. The last victim was gay!" Lin Tao and I were stunned. This investigation is indeed the best basis to confirm Dabao's theory. Dabao went on to say: "To sum up, the person who can easily trick men and gay women into drinking poisonous wine is most likely to be a woman!" "Then why did the murderer start killing men and then kill women?" I asked, "Is she trying to prevent us from discovering this element of connection?" This possibility cannot be ruled out, said Lin Tao. Of course, it's also possible that her sexual orientation has suddenly changed. "So what should we do next?" Dabao analyzed so much in one breath, and he was a little tired. I rubbed my temples and said, "Do you know what bars gay women congregate in?" "What's the matter?" Lin Tao said,juice filling machine, "Do you want to wait for a rabbit?"? There are so many people in the bar, where can you find them? "That's true," I said, "but I think if we frame a big area and all the bars, nightclubs and so on in that area, we can probably find the rabbit that hit the tree." "Wait a minute," Dabao said. "Let's talk about it. First, how do you frame the scope? Second, how do you know who the killer is? I shook my head and said, "I'm not sure.". But I think, if we do meet, we can always find some clues, right? Don't forget, she's trying to frame me, PET blowing machine ,juice filling machine, and I can see some flaws. "All right, all right." Lin Tao said, "I also believe this.". Since you are framed, there must be something to do with you, such as the innocent little girl you once abandoned. I blushed again and said, "No!"! Bell and I are the first love! "You two stop flirting." Dabao said, "You haven't answered the first question yet. How to frame the scope?"? Longfan City covers an area of more than 6,000 square kilometers and has a population of 10 million. How do you frame it? I smiled, took out a compass and said, "You forgot?"? Not long ago, I went to study an unpopular subject, crime mapping. This subject is very popular abroad, but many people in China think it is superstition. I'm going to try and see if it works. "Criminal cartography?" Dabao said, "I think I heard you say that." I said, "Some criminal investigation experts believe that the occurrence of a series of crimes revolves around the main activities of the murderer, and then expands outward.".
As long as you can find out where the first few crimes took place, and then frame the center of the circle, that's the main area of the killer's activities. "This is really a bit mysterious. Is it reliable?" Lin Tao said. I said, "a dead horse should be treated as a living horse." "You said the place where the first few cases happened," Dabao said. "Are you going to use the place where the body was dumped?" I frowned for a moment and said, "If the murderer has a car, dumping the body can be arbitrary, so it is not allowed, then take the last place of the dead as the place of the crime, and see where their center is." The three of us took out a map of Longfan, then opened the investigation data of several cases and marked them one by one. Meng Xiangping is missing in this hospital, here. Fong will be missing from this hotel, here. Cheng Xiaoliang lived near the school and was also killed at the school, here. The place where Liang Fengzhi disappeared is here. Dabao marked the map with a red pen and said, "Should Liu Cuicui, the last deceased, be included?" I nodded, took the pen in Dabao's hand and said, "According to the information you gave me, Liu Cuicui was killed in her rental house, which is called the Youth Community." With that, I drew a circle on the map. I have long memorized the location and investigation of these five cases. I connected a few dots with a compass. It was a crooked oval. I drew a circle with a blue pen in the center of the oval and said, "Look, what is this place?" "Block 3754!" Cried Lin Tao, "This is a gathering place for bars, nightclubs and KTVs.". You really guessed it! I smiled and said: "I also firmly believe that the existence of crime mapping, there must be its reason, not superstitious!"! In this way, the murderer is likely to cheat the victim's trust by means of seduction, and then choose the place to kill. "I'm a little surprised,liquid bottle filling machine," Lin Tao said. "When investigating the dead, the bars and nightclubs should be the focus of the investigation. The videos here should be taken, right? How could you not find it? 。


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