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As the wind faded away, the shouts of the group became more and more obvious, and they were right in my ears. Hundreds of torches shone like day, and the ground under their feet was sprinkled with a fine layer of white light by something. The mound in the middle was surrounded by many nameless herbs to form a high platform, and a circle of red stones were built outside, three in a pile, to form a character. In the middle of the mound stood a man. He is very tall, more like a giant than the local aborigines. The man was covered with green juice, his teeth were black, and on his forehead he wore a mask made of pheasant feathers and animal skins. The mask's eyes were sunk into deep holes, each of which stretched out an arm as thin as a baby's fetus, and two huge animal horns hung in the ear holes beside them, winding and glittering. Holding a bony scepter as tall as a man, the native kept spinning in the middle of the mound, sometimes jumping high, sometimes grabbing the ground with his head, and the pheasant feathers on his forehead dancing in the air, dazzling people. The other two natives knelt at his feet, looking like a young man and a young woman, covered with grass juice, holding two handfuls of earth in their hands, and moaning sadly. The rest of the people gathered around the mound, dancing, as if they were singing some kind of spell in unison. Their eyes were fixed on the dancer's feet. The soil there was slightly raised, and it was clear that something was buried. The dancer suddenly screamed and stamped, and all the natives around him knelt down, and the men and women among them threw themselves on the bulge at the dancer's feet, digging with both hands. Their movements were very violent, but they were very careful,ultrasonic handheld welder, almost brushing the soil with their fingers, as if they were afraid of hurting the sleeping things inside. With the strange incantation of the group of natives, which was high and low, short and long, and twenty fingers digging down quickly, the mound slowly took on a creepy shape-the withered head, trunk and limbs gradually appeared, and it was a person! The pale green fingers of the two natives kept stroking the human-shaped earth bag, purring in their mouths, as if they were crying sadly. With a sudden pause, the native stopped dancing, held a pottery pot shaped like a glutton in both hands, held it high above his head, and then slowly leaned back down, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, and a turbid black gas slowly flowed out of the pottery pot in his hand, gradually wrapping the whole earth bag. When his head was about to touch the bulge of the human form, a thick black juice poured out of the pot and hit the top of the human earth bag. Soon, the earth bag was filled with black mucus, mixed with soil, which made it even more dirty. The two natives kneeling in front of the earth bag also stopped touching and knelt stiffly on the ground, not stopping to bow down. Under the impact of the liquid, the earth bag gradually emerged, and under the dust and liquid, there was a face with white hair and beard! The middle man suddenly straightened up and let out a long roar. The two natives on the ground seemed to suddenly go mad. They picked up a thorny branch from their side and beat the old man desperately. And the natives around seemed to be more and more excited, holding hands and dancing around the mound. After a while, the old man in the earth was covered with blood. He couldn't bear to look at it. He closed his eyes and said, "This man is already dead. Why do they still torture his body like this? What kind of deep hatred do they have? They are so cruel." "They are not enemies, but relatives," said Zhuo Wangsun. "Relatives?" Lovesickness was stunned and seemed to suddenly understand something: "Could it be that they were holding a special funeral?" Zhuo Wang Sun shook his head and said, "No." "What is that?" Asked Acacia in surprise. "Call back souls," said Zhuo Wangsun. Lovesickness looked back incredibly, the two people who beat the corpse crazily, the muscles on their faces twisted violently under the sticky green juice, and there was really no hatred in their expressions, only inexplicable expectations and joy, were they really in a strange way to welcome the return of their loved ones? With a crisp sound, the dancing natives smashed the pottery pot on the top of their heads into the old man on the ground. The old man's head was tilted, and a sticky black blood flowed down from his forehead. The relatives beside him and the natives on the periphery suddenly quieted down and knelt in the soil, trembling all over. After an unknown length of time, the surrounding was eerily quiet, and the night was like running water soaking the earth.
The moisture in the forest seems to have been condensed into shape by the ubiquitous chill, silently lurking behind everyone. Suddenly, Acacia felt the blood of her whole body freezing in an instant-she clearly heard a groan from the old man's throat. The corpse, which seemed to have been buried in dust for many years, actually let out a groan! Acacia bit his lips hard to keep himself from screaming. The hands of the corpse wrapped in the shroud seemed to move, and then his whole body struggled painfully. The black mucus on his forehead and face was torn into countless strands, barely holding his body and soil. He looked like a giant chrysalis that was shedding its cocoon, struggling and wriggling in the endless night. In the night, the vast desolate forest seems to be suffocated by this strange scene, the moonlight shines, all the fine dust will appear, sadly silent. The corpse finally broke free from the slime with a long, shrill roar and sat up, as if he had not yet adapted to the surrounding environment, looking at the crowd in a dull way. The two natives waiting beside him were so ecstatic that they took out a blood-red blanket and wrapped him up. Two able-bodied men came out of the natives outside and lifted him up with a bamboo chair. The crowd cheered again. Some young men and women also danced with torches in their hands. From time to time, they picked up the loess from the ground and rushed to each other. The other side was attacked by the earth, but they did not care at all. On the contrary, he was even more elated, singing and dancing while fishing for dirt to fight back. After a while, the singing gradually subsided. The dancers in the middle raised their arms and shouted. The crowd quieted down. He led the crowd to the south and bowed a few times. Then he turned and walked deep into the jungle. The crowd talked and laughed and followed him. It was only a moment before they disappeared. The cold moon was silent, and for a moment the jungle was as gloomy and cold as it had just been. Acacia was stunned for a long time,ultrasonic dispersion machine, unable to believe that the scene just now was true. Qianli Purple Stone jumped up, grabbed a handful of dust in the place where the corpse had just been lying, and sniffed it carefully at the end of his nose. "What's so special about this soil?" Asked Xiao Yan. 。


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