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Song Qi saw Qiao Yu in the middle of the sixth row. The two men looked at each other, Song Qi hooked his lips, and Qiao Yu blushed again. Song Qi's speech is very brief, there is no long speech, but a lot of dry goods, many people take the light brain to record from the beginning to the end. At the end, Song Qi looked at Qiao Yu. The voice was gentle: "In addition, welcome the current junior students to my training base for training." Student Principal Entourage:?? When Song Qi came down, he saw Ye Sui's cold face, but he didn't see it: "You talk about cooperation with the person in charge, and I'll go back first." "Marshal, if you don't say it earlier, they will start training in a month, and we haven't made any preparations there." "Aren't there a lot of interstellar pirates next to KH132? What do you need to prepare?" Song Qi gave Ye Sui a puzzled look. Ye Sui:.. It is also possible for students to fight Star Pirates. Since Ye Sui changed a body, the words have become a lot, Song Qi deeply felt that this person in the virtual world to learn bad,ultrasonic spray nozzle, or the system to Ye Sui added something messy. After Song Qi returned home, he went to the cloakroom prepared for Qiao Yu, trying to figure out what to add, the room and so on, she did not prepare, just changed her room slightly according to Qiao Yu's preferences,ultrasonic cutting machine, anyway, if she came here, she must sleep with her. She is still thinking about whether to prepare a laboratory for Qiao Yu at home, anyway, the place is so big. Song Qi leaned against the sofa, took a look at Qiao Yu's schedule, and circled the time to contact her. Qiao Yu probably also knew that Song Qi was waiting for her, as soon as the class was over, he sent a message to Song Qi. [Wife:!!!] [Song Qi: What's wrong?] Wife: I have to say, driving a mecha is more difficult than building one. [Song Qi: … …] Song Qi: Do you want to go home on the weekend? I'll take you to open the wind. Wife: Go home? Go home to what.] [Song Qi: My home is your home. Is there anything wrong with it? No.] [Wife: … …] Holding the light brain of Qiao Yu, a red face, ultrasonic welding transducer ,sonicator homogenizer, carefully looked around, although opened the anti-peeping mode, but always feel that others can still see. [Song Qi: I'll pick you up after your last class on Friday, OK?] Wife: I didn't know you were coming to see me this week. I have an appointment with everyone in the lab. Song Qi pursed his lips. [Song Qi: So you stay in the lab during the holidays?] Wife: Something like that. Song Qi: Do you have any requirements for the laboratory? I can help you build one in the manor. [Wife:!!!] Qiao Yu dreams of having her own exclusive laboratory, but because of various reasons, it is very difficult, although she has earned hundreds of millions, but for the study of mecha, the money is too little. [Song Qi: My base can also help you build one] Wife: Will you go back to the border in the future? [Song Qi: If there is no war, you don't have to stay long.] Qiao Yu quickly slipped back to the dormitory and made a video call to Song Qi. Song Qi immediately took it. Qiao Yu sat on the sofa, looking like he was running on the road, with beads of sweat on his forehead. What's the hurry? "Because I know you must be in a hurry." Qiao Yu took a deep breath, "are you really going to help me build a laboratory?"? But it's too much to spend. "I have three planets with rare metals on them, which should be very valuable." Qiao Yu opened his eyes wide: "Why can you hold the planet privately?" "Why not? I'm not the only one with a planet." Song Qi doesn't understand. Qiao Yu:.. "Aren't other people's planets places to go on vacation? Rare metals are such things." "So speaking of privileges, you can think about what kind of laboratory you want recently." "Isn't it hard to get a license for a private lab?" Qiao Yu held his chin, "my aunt applied several times but didn't get it." It's all right, let me see.
"Song Qi knocked on his thigh." Is it difficult for Uncle Joe and Aunt Joe to talk? " Qiao Yu looked at Song Qi's appearance and knew that she was a little nervous now: "Why, are you afraid?" "Just a little nervous." "Hasn't it been rehearsed many times?" Qiao Yu raised his eyebrows, "rest assured, my father has never fought with anyone in his life, nor how to get angry, to tell the truth, I am also curious, you will not let him set a precedent." Song Qi:.. "Speaking of which, a group of brothers who have a good relationship with me say that my partner must win them all in the future before he can take me away." The smile at the corners of Qiao Yu's mouth stiffened. "So come on." Song Qi smiled. Qiao Yu stared at Song Qi and snorted, "Goodbye, you're going to lose me for a while." "No, not for a while," Song Qi looked at Qiao Yu, "I will find a way to see you." "Good." Qiao Yu nodded his head. Give me a kiss. Qiao Yu is stupefied: "Do not want." "Then I'll give you a kiss." Qiao Yu blushed and his eyes fluttered: "Then hurry up." "An old married couple is still so thin-skinned." "I won't talk to you!"! Goodbye Qiao Yu hung up the video decisively. Song Qi threw his light brain aside and lay on his side on the sofa, unable to stop the smile on his face. Ye Sui spent three days with the alliance university to talk about all kinds of matters, the cooperation between the two sides has never been free, the alliance university needs to pay a large sum of money to the army. The training site is still at the border. In order to welcome the students, those who stay at the border have made all kinds of preparations. Song Qi set out with the students. Before departure, Song Qi went to school again, but because Qiao Yu was too busy, the two of them said a few words. Alliance University,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, as the richest university in the whole alliance, uses the best defensive spaceship at present, which is very big.


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