A group of people are jealous

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"Go! Who's going to buy it with you?" Chen Jie gave him a soft and white look, but the jade hand went over and held him, and the lie was self-defeating. When the gate of the hunting area arrived, the car stopped, paid for three cars, and everyone walked into the hunting area. Chapter 72, Section 2 Xiao Ying liked hunting since he was a child. He had played with Xiao's father many times. When he was young, he could skillfully use things like shotguns and bird clips. But later, as he grew older, he didn't play much. Today, he resumed his old business and became interested again. He enthusiastically led the beauties to rent equipment. I wanted to have one, but there were several kind-hearted beauties who didn't want to kill and refused to take it. Finally, there were several little girls, 005, Chen Jie and Bai Yu who wanted it. He felt very satisfied. Then he told Zhou Mei to take care of Wu Keqiong and wait at the gate of the hunting area, so as not to surprise her. All right, you go and play. Although Zhou Mei said so, she looked at the tool in his hand with interest. Lin Ling pushed her with a smile. "Well, I'll take care of Sister Qiong. You go to play. Look at your monkey hurry." "Go, you're in a hurry, but it's really funny." Zhou Mei hit her on the hand. All right, you go quickly, this period of time can be bitter for you, ha ha, always accompany me this pregnant woman is so boring, Xiaoling is good, go to play. Wu Keqiong also laughed to express her gratitude to Zhou Mei. Although she had a good relationship and was a "close relative", a little girl had to do the work of a nanny, and even the whole family had to express it. I know. I always say, is it annoying? Zhou Mei gave her a horizontal look and ran to rent a set of tools. Wu Keqiong looked at her good friend and sister with a smile and said to Lin Ling, "Xiaoling, why don't you go too? I'll stay here by myself. It's very safe here." "No, those little animals are going to be killed by him. I'm so scared." Lin Ling sat beside her and took out a bottle of mineral water from the food bag for her to drink. You used to be a nurse, and you're still afraid. "That's scary, too. I'm just like an ordinary girl now, nurse." Brother Xiao changed my job after knowing me for a short time. Being a nurse seems like a lifetime ago, so far away. "Yes.." That guy is really reckless, but we are willing to listen to him. Wu Keqiong looked at Xiao Ying and waved to her after she walked away. She also gave him a touching smile and waved her hand to him. Then she took back her hand and stroked it gently on her stomach. The eyes are peaceful and happy, gentle like a pool of spring water. But a few minutes later. When Wu Keqiong was chatting happily with Lin Ling, she saw Xiao Ying and her sisters walking back sullenly. She stood up strangely and asked, "Have you finished the bird trap?"? Then just wait aside. Why did you come back? "What are you playing? The money has been refunded. Unfortunately, it is said that there is bird flu.". Birds are not allowed to be shot, and there are few rabbits. They look lovely and don't let me shoot. Xiao Ying had an unhappy look on his face. All right. It's best not to fight. Those little animals are so pitiful. We are not short of meat. Let's go and visit other parks. Wu Keqiong originally did not agree to come to hunt, but it was not easy for everyone to say it. Seeing that he was satisfied with the result, he took his arm and slowly followed the sisters while playing and chatting. She likes the atmosphere. I like to communicate with Xiao Ying. The park is full of strange fragrance. It is really a small bridge with flowing water. The scenery is very beautiful. You can walk leisurely on the gravel road with visitors. It's really pleasant. Husband, inflatable bounce house with slide , I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant, but I don't seem to like playing crazily now. Wu Meimei said with emotion. Xiao Ying nodded, "there should be a relationship, I specially read the book in this area." However, you can be quite scary sometimes, pregnant women have a bad temper, ha ha. Wu Keqiong threw him a coquettish glance, "then you have to give in to others, otherwise how can you be a good husband?" "Well," Xiao Ying beamed, "I am a good husband, I am a good husband, hey." "What kind of husband is he?" 005 made a strange noise beside it. Xiao Ying was so angry that he pinched her little buttocks. 005 has a unique personality and always likes to disagree with him, which makes all the beauties in the family laugh at him and make him angry to death.
Shuangshuang happened to see his movements and giggled: "Brother Xiao, you don't have a long memory. Last time you did this to us in the mall, you were almost arrested as a lady-killer. Now you still come, ha ha." Xiao Ying looked at their lovely and pretty appearance and really liked them, so he reached out and hugged them and kissed them one by one. "What's the matter? I hugged them and kissed them. Who dares to say anything?" Shuangshuang twisted gently, "No, tickle!" Just then, a man not far away shouted, "Oh, my God, who is that? Isn't that Shuangshuang?" As soon as Xiao Ying was stupefied, he saw that Shuangshuang's face had changed greatly. Knowing that something was wrong, he pulled the two of them and they were about to slip away. Late, a group of people "Hula" around up, a few girls will be a film will be both snatched in the past, to fight against him. Hey, how dare you kiss our princess! "Believe it or not, we'll call the police!" "How dare you bully our classmates!" "Hit him!" "I'll kill you!" The last two sentences were shouted by the boys in the outer circle, who were so angry that they wanted to vomit blood. Xiao Ying understood, I'm afraid these are both classmates or admirers, one by one looking at the eyes, should be her primary or junior high school classmates, he waved, "OK, OK, listen to me, not what you think.." He's not panicking. What's wrong with love between men and women? He's more righteous than anyone else. But before he had finished speaking, both of them had recovered from the initial shock. They were of the same mind and acted with the characteristics of the times. They were not ambiguous about their true love. So they said in unison lightly, "Brother Xiao, don't say anything. What can't you say?"? We love ours, and no harm, no one else's business. "Turning to the students:" Yes, as you think, he is our boyfriend, hey,inflatable floating water park, bless us. " The students stammered, "No, you …" You're in love with the same person? Want. joyshineinflatables.com


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