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The Bari players'prayers were not heard by God. Five minutes into the second half, Lazio scored another goal. The goal was scored by Meireles, the midfielder, who scored his first goal since joining Lazio! “6:0! Oh my God! It seems that Lazio are not going to let Barry go! We looked for information at half-time and there was no evidence that there was any big feud between Lazio and Barry.. They haven't even done it before. The previous seasons and Bari were not in the first division. They were promoted to the first division after the end of the last tournament. "No one knows why Lazio is so angry, we only know that Barry is innocent and unlucky.." Looking at this posture, Lazio will obviously not give up the game like this. They will continue to chase the chance of scoring goals. This is what Barry is most afraid of! ※※※ The next game can be described as a massacre. A one-sided massacre was born. The San Nicola Stadium, which can accommodate more than 58,000 people, still seated about 30,000 people, and Bari returned to Serie A. The Bari fans are very happy, and it's also a very eye-catching game against a champion team like Lazio, so the attendance rate of today's game is particularly high. But now there are only waves of cheers from Lazio fans in the stadium. The Barrie fans disappeared. Even some Bari fans began to exit,Calacatta Nano Glass, you know, now the game has only been 60 minutes ah! Bari fans don't want to stay and watch Lazio slaughter their team. They didn't expect their team to win at first, they just wanted to see what it was like to play against the best team in Europe and to see the Lazio stars at close range. But this kind of "performance" they absolutely do not want to see, because this is no longer a performance, this is a real knife and gun. Slaughter! They can accept losing,pietra gray marble, but it's hard for them to accept losing so badly. So in the final analysis. The happiness of football is actually based on winning or losing. Always lose and lose too badly, people will not feel happy, whether they "don't mind the result" or not. ※※※ When the main referee blew the whistle for the end of the game, the player who fell to the ground was not Barry. It's Lazio! Old Rocchi ran to collapse and he scored twice in the game. Apart from him, several Lazio players were lying on the ground for the first time, gasping for breath. The Lazio players who were still standing were no better than them. They stood where they were, did not raise their arms and shout, did not run to celebrate, they just stood and looked tired. If you only look at one scene, it will make people think that Lazio lost the game, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Silver Travertine Slabs, they are not reconciled. But in fact, the final score of the game was played on the big screen of the San Nicola Stadium. At the end of the game, Lazio beat Bari 13-0 away! The magical score made many people present, especially the reporters, confused in the wind. If all the people present had not watched the whole process of the match, they would have wondered if the Cao player had made a mistake in the score of the San Nicola Stadium. Barry's players were evacuated at the first time, and Barry's fans had already finished. Only about 4,000 Lazio fans were singing and dancing in the stands of the San Nicola Stadium, which can accommodate more than 58,000 people, cheering for the team's record. Yes, Lazio unknowingly set a Serie A record. "The game is over.." What a crazy game! Apart from using the word'crazy ', I really can't find a better word to describe this game.. Lazio's rotation line-ups in the away game 13:0 win over Bari, before the game how many people thought of this crazy score? None of them! The score broke the record set by Torino in the 32nd round of Serie A in 1947-1948, which was the most lopsided score in the history of Serie A! At that time, the invincible'Red Bull 'Torino team swept Alessandria 10-0 at home! Before the match between Lazio and Bari, there was only one game in the history of Serie A with double goals! Now Lazio has set a new record for the most lopsided score with three more goals than Turin. "Not only did they break this record, they also broke another big score record, that is, the most goals in a single game!"! The previous record belonged to AC Milan and Atalanta, who played 9-3 in 1972, scoring 12 goals in a single match. Now Lazio has set a new record for the most goals with one goal advantage! There are many scoring records in Serie A, such as the record of the most goals. The most lopsided record. However, these records of big scores generally appeared before the 1970s. Later, as the Serie A League paid more and more attention to defense, the difficulty of scoring in Serie A became more and more, and the style of football tactics was conservative. This also became their special se. It continues to the present. When people come to Italian football and Serie A. You will think of such keywords as "defensive counterattack", "chain defense" and "passive conservatism". So the game that usually scores five or six goals is a wide margin. Like Roma's 7-0 home win over Catania in 2006, the media and fans in Rome have been boasting for a long time. This shows how difficult it is to win a big score in Serie A. As a result, Lazio inexplicably broke two records and set a new record for them. What everyone is most concerned about is why Lazio will suddenly go on a killing spree. Because there was no sign before the game. You know, there are always some reasons why Lazio have created big scores in the past. For example,Calacatta Quartz Slab, his first season in charge of Lazio. Lazio once swept Roma 6-0 away from home, setting a record for the most lopsided score in the history of the two sides. That's because Chang Sheng was swept out of the Roman club most of the season ago, and the two sides became enemies. So Chang Sheng wants to retaliate.


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