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Since it was a little closer to Taiwan, it was not far from Fujian Province. Xu Linyuan suddenly wanted to go to his uncle's place to play. He said, "Then cross the island of Taiwan at a close distance and go directly to the waters near Fujian Province to find a landing point for refitting and testing.." When he got the instructions, he quickly chose a new course and drove the Qingyuan in the direction of the waters of Taiwan Island. Xu Linyuan has been working for several days in a row, and he feels a little tired. Now he is very satisfied with the navigation and diving tests of the Qingyuan, as well as the tests of various functions such as collection. So when he relaxes, his eyes begin to fight. When Ji jiāo had something important to report to him at the first time, Xu Linyuan returned to the living warehouse. After eating something, he lay down in the sleeping warehouse and fell asleep. Always in 5000 meters deep sea diving, or very l làng waste of energy, so evil in the process of driving, constantly let the Qingyuan rise. Dian Hu and Dian Long, the two new assistants of Evil, are very serious about carrying out the orders of the commander of Evil. After they are familiar with the functions and parameters, they only need an instruction from Evil to convey, and their execution can reach 99, which makes the Qingyuan more efficient. I don't know how long it's been. Xu Linyuan suddenly felt that the master communicator was constantly vibrating,Agate Slabs Countertops, so he woke up quickly and turned on the communicator directly: "What's the matter?" "Boss, when the Qingyuan was sailing at a depth of 670 meters and continuing to rise, it encountered a non-Chinese military nuclear submarine. At present, the submarine has found the abnormal course of the Qingyuan and has locked the Qingyuan for tracking. The Qingyuan has opened the anti-tracking system shield, but the nuclear submarine is still locking and tracking.." "What, locked by a nuclear attack submarine?" As soon as Xu Linyuan heard this,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, there was no sleepiness. He immediately got up from the sleeping cabin and hurried to the main control room. He called out the monitoring screen and said, "Show me the monitoring screen." When the evil came out of the monitoring screen, Xu Linyuan saw that when the Qingyuan was diving, a nuclear submarine was diving. Because the speed of the Qingyuan was too fast, it did not shield the signal at the first time, so it was found abnormal by the nuclear submarine and locked for tracking. Xu Linyuan saw on the surveillance screen that the nuclear submarine belonged to the US Virginia Texas, which is the most advanced attack nuclear submarine in the US military at present. But as soon as Xu Linyuan looked at the sea area map again, he frowned. This sea area had already entered the territorial waters of China, but the US nuclear submarine swaggered to the border of our territorial waters like this. It seemed too arrogant. Moreover, after discovering the abnormality of the Qingyuan, he locked and tracked it. You think Lao Tzu is so easy to bully. Thinking of this, Xu Linyuan said, Grey Marble Slab ,Marble Granite Price, "Now that he has locked us in tracking, he will continue to dive 500 meters and deliberately expose the whereabouts of the Llù Qingyuan, and lead him to the Philippine waters, so that Zhongkang can prepare the armed system, give the light B bō particle energy gun energy, and lock this nuclear submarine for me within the effective distance. If he still dares to be arrogant, Just give me a blast and make him disappear completely in this sea area. After issuing the order, Xu Linyuan gave a sneer at the corners of his mouth and said, "I'm worried that I haven't had a chance to try the power of the armed system. Now I've sent one of the most advanced attack nuclear submarines today. I'd like to fight. It depends on whether your nuclear submarine is powerful or the particle cannon of Lao Tzu's Qingyuan is powerful. In the ocean, Lao Tzu is the overlord, fearless.." …… At this moment, on the US nuclear submarine Texas at a depth of about 540 meters. Fonodo is an excellent submarine soldier in the US Navy. His specialty is submarine signal tracking and reconnaissance. This time, because of a fishing boat incident, the Chinese side was somewhat unhappy with the Philippine side. With their support, the Philippine side made a very tough gesture and even brought in Vietnamese men, which was exactly what they wanted to see.
So this time they received the task is to detect the movement of the Chinese navy in the sea area near the Chinese side, but in the process of investigation, Fonodo inadvertently detected an unknown signal source, and this signal source is very strong, very close to them. At that time, Fonodo was shocked, thinking that the Chinese nuclear submarine had discovered their whereabouts, so he was about to report to the officer, but when he locked the signal source in the process of tracking, the signal source suddenly disappeared and could no longer be heard. This phenomenon is very strange. Fonodo swears to God that as long as the target is locked by this nuclear submarine, it is impossible to escape his surveillance. In today's world, few countries can achieve such anti-tracking technology, but now the signal source has disappeared. Fonodo, who couldn't figure it out, didn't dare to be careless, so he immediately reported the situation to his officer, Captain Sink. When Captain Sink heard this, he frowned and felt a little strange, so he wanted to come and have a look in person. But when he was in front of the display screen of the sonar detection system, he suddenly saw a signal source coming from another point not far from them. The signal source was so strong that it was not a marine creature at all. Oh, God, at a depth of 1180 meters, is this a Russian nuclear submarine? They are approaching the Philippine waters. What do they want to do? It is impossible for a Chinese nuclear submarine to dive so deep? Sink was also taken aback when he suddenly saw the signal source. "How could they appear in the sea near here?" He said. "Lock him and track him immediately. I want to report this important discovery to Colonel Salani.." With that, Captain Sink hurried to report the important military situation to the top officer of the nuclear submarine. After hearing Sink's report,White Marble Slabs, Colonel Salani also attached great importance to it and immediately issued an order requiring the whole submarine to immediately track and reconnoitre the unknown submarine and intercept it, so as to find out which submarine it was. It had never happened before that he dared to act under their eyes, and it was a complete provocation that made Colonel Salani angry. Chapter 199 of the main text borrows a knife to kill a donkey.


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