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With this thing, the previous World War I was not in vain, if before, he may not necessarily like such a Yin full of treasures, but now, as long as it is beneficial to the rescue of Grandpa, for him, are precious. After the baptism of the Great Five Elements, this treasure, which was originally a little resistant, was unusually docile at this time, and its information, like running water, flowed through Zhang Fan's heart. This is a top-ranking spirit vessel, a spirit vessel refined for all the ghosts, just as the Nine Fires Dragon Ball for the flame, the Ten Thousand Swords Map for the sword gas, it has a strong restraint effect on all the ghosts. Used at this time, is to bring out the best in each other, down if really rescued grandpa, have this treasure again, get away with the grasp, at least more than 30%. The situation is urgent, Zhang Fan also no longer look, the body moves, holding the ghost white bone banner into a streamer, instantly into the city. Target, half idle hall! PS: First watch ~ Chapter 271 rat five skills, unexpected results. Unconsciously, the color of gold and red. Dyeing the clouds in the eastern sky. A red sun jumped out from the top of the mountain,Porcelain Marble Slabs, the darkness gradually receded, the light shone on the earth, and it was another day. The rising sun, shining through the clouds with difficulty, sprinkled on the streets of the city, as if to decorate the bluestone pavement with a layer of golden clothes. In the past, with the first sunlight, the whole street, the flow of people will gradually increase, not far from the bustling bustling. But at this time appeared in front of Zhang Fan, but it is a dead silence,Stone Honeycomb Panel, not to mention the hubbub of voices, even the sound of cocks crowing and dogs barking have not been heard, only the sound of sporadic ghosts crying, distant. Dead city! After the last resistance disappeared, the city was already a typical dead city, with only Zhang Fan walking through the streets. The only thing left is the ghost that can't be avoided. Yes, it is to avoid. Zhang Fan was holding the white bone banner of the nether world, and as long as the ghost did not escape in time, he would be involved in the banner without even looking at it. A roll of this banner, like a big wave rolling, the ghost screamed and disappeared in an instant, a faint wave, then came from the ghost white bone banner. This is one of the functions of the White Bone Banner, which captures and collects ghosts. Otherwise, the dwarf would not have so many ghosts to fill Zhang Fan's knife edge, unfortunately, the previous World War I, the ghosts in the white bone banner consumed as much as 90%, at this time empty, if not rushed to the semi-idle hall, Zhang Fan had to make a good supplement here. With the ghost white bone banner in hand, Pietra Gray Marble ,white marble mosaic, Zhang Fan will not spend spiritual power to kill ghosts, not to mention the eager magic baby out, so although it helps them to promote, but to waste some time, he can not afford to waste any time now. Perhaps the day is pitiful to see, this way a lot of smooth, not only all the ghosts retreat, is the other ancient remnants of evil also did not meet, soon, came to the semi-idle hall before. As soon as he stopped, Zhang Fan's face sank. The color of faint expectation is replaced by heavy anxiety in an instant. The door of the half-idle hall suddenly opened, not an ordinary opening, but was abruptly broken open. Zhang Fan's eyes, it is such a scene, thick wooden doors, full of scratch marks, a large black hole in the middle, extremely irregular, as if torn by a tiger. In such a situation, it was obvious that the people inside closed the door to resist, but were mercilessly broken into by the ghost. Zhang Fan had no time to take a closer look and rushed past. The door, which was about to fall apart, grazed his body and collapsed immediately. Before it fell to the ground, it burned like firewood, but it was caused by Zhang Fan's agitation and the leakage of flames all over his body. In the half-idle hall, it was dark and gloomy. The sunlight is not allowed to penetrate, and the flames rising all over Zhang Fan's body are the best illumination. In the light of the fire, the situation in the hall on the first floor is clearly visible. On both sides of the counter, broken everywhere, on the ground, sprinkled with all kinds of instruments. These things, which usually attract low-level monks, fall on the ground in such a desolate way that no one cares about them. Ahead, the stairs leading to the second floor collapsed, and the traces of the five elements of magic were obvious, apparently caused by accidental injury to the stairs when they resisted from a commanding position.
"Hm?" Even if the mood was agitated, it did not affect Zhang Fan's judgment. As soon as he entered, he had a panoramic view of the situation in the hall. After a little time in his mind, a conclusion was drawn. With the help of outsiders! According to the traces of magic, as well as the fact of layers of resistance, it was not caused by his grandfather, an immortal who had seven layers of Qi refining period. With his strength, he could barely compete with a ghost, and absolutely could not achieve such a result. What's more. Zhang Fan at the foot of a pick, a shrink into a mass of things with his movements flying, invisible strength to support, let it slowly float in front of him. Closer look, this shrinks into a ball of things, the tail swells like a horsetail, two front paws are small and pointed like pangolins. The armpit has thin fleshy wings like a bat, the back palm is webbed like a duck, and the other part is a mouse, or a monster similar to a mouse. The reason why it is said to be a monster is that it has a touch of evil spirit on its body. But this evil spirit is a little weak, if not carefully examined, it is almost impossible to distinguish. Rat! Once he saw it clearly, Zhang Fan immediately recognized its roots. Rat, one of the zero-order monsters, can be said to be the weakest among the monsters. A more powerful domestic cat can prey on it, which shows its weakness. Had it not been for its weak evil spirit and some magical powers that ordinary rats could not match, it would be hard to imagine that such a weak thing could also be among the monsters. As the old saying goes, "Teng has no feet but Teng, and the rat is poor because of its five tricks." The former is obviously capable, while the latter is contemptuous, and must be juxtaposed with the mouse, if the snake has knowledge. Be ashamed and indignant. What is the rising snake? Is the alien of the dragon, Vulcan first-class intrepid monster,Marble Projects, fly into the sky dragon, in ancient times, is also a powerful existence of the rampant side. Where's the rat?. forustone.com


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