Remnant King's Royal Favor: Secret Agent Medical Concubine

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Mu Chu saw that Aunt Xu had not gone far. She walked slowly to Aunt Xu's side and saw that Aunt Xu still had a nonchalant smile on her face. She opened her red lips lightly and her eyes were full of coldness: "Fool, you almost killed yourself!" Aunt Xu's eyes contracted, but when she looked at Mu Chu again, she saw that Mu Chu had gone far away. She was so angry that she gritted her teeth. It turned out that her every move was seen by the little girl. What is she, with the name of the second show of the prime minister's mansion, but not even as good as a servant girl, what qualifications does she have to be a princess, if. If her own Ying son can be a little promising, if she can become the wife of the main room, there is no need to be angry with an ugly girl. Aunt Xu gnashed her teeth, but did not understand the deep meaning of Mu Chu's words. At this time, a figure came slowly from not far away. Mu Chu looked up and was shocked by the picturesque scenery. The man is wearing a blue robe, white gauze cover in the blue bottom robe outside, with the man's walking between slightly swaying, silver moire in the sun as if emitting colorful light, the man stands in place, with a bit of cold air. The noise around him also fell silent because of the man's appearance, and Mu Chu's line of sight moved up again and fell on the face with perfect facial features. The bridge of the nose is high, the eyes are cold,digital signage screen, and in a pair of slightly deeper eyes, there is a faint chill that is not human. Thin lips plated with a touch of pink light, so that the face as white as jade face more than a touch of green. The young man wore a silver crown on his head, tied his long hair meticulously on his head, and hung silver tassels around his waist, swaying between walks. Mu Chu faintly on the corner of the other side's clothes, saw the same Eight Diagrams pattern as Wu Qiu's robe, and instantly understood the identity of the person in front of him. Mu Wenyuan has been speaking respectfully beside him,facial recognization camera, but the man did not say a word, even his eyes did not move. He did not even look at Mu Chu, and she brushed past, staying in front of Wu Qiu. The slightly cold deep eyes swept over Wu Qiu's face, and his voice was as cold as Mu Chu had imagined, like a puppet born without feelings. Wu Qiu left his post without permission and talked nonsense. He was immediately removed from the prison and sent to the prison. After hearing the trial, he was interrogated. "Yes!" Standing behind the man, a group of bodyguards immediately arrested the flustered Wu Qiu, whose hands and feet were so neat that they did not even mean to let Wu Qiu say a word, and raised their hands to seal his acupoint. Mu Chu could see that the people around the man in the blue and silver robe were all masters of martial arts. Such a person who goes out with a large number of escorts is really domineering enough. Mu Chu thought that when he had just come, the other party would not notice her, but he found that the man turned his head slightly sideways and glanced at her lightly. With such a faint glance, Mu Chu was amazed. Although he had seen the handsome face of King Luo, touch screen digital signage ,temperature scanning kiosks, he had a resistance to any beauty, but this man's momentum was unique. Mu Wenyuan followed the cloud, only to feel the old face red. I don't know if Yunshang heard what he said, but the other side didn't even give himself a wink. He was, after all, an important official in the court, the prime minister of a country in the Apocalypse Dynasty, the son of an aristocratic family of cloud martyrdom, had been so arrogant. It was not until he watched the man go that Prime Minister Mu felt a sudden beating of his chest and an angry look on his face. The housekeeper beside him quickly comforted him: "Xiangye, you don't know who Yunshang is. He is absolutely capable. He can observe the celestial phenomena and understand the strange line and gossip. Even today's emperor is very respectful to him. What are we?" Mu Wenyuan gently stroked the position of his chest, but the anger in his eyes disappeared. After all, he had been prime minister for many years, and he had not seen the world. Where is Erxiu? Chapter 118 is the emperor's. "Erxiu should still be in the yard!" "Call all the people in the mansion to the Old Lady's Longevity Hall at once. I have something to say!" "Yes!" Li butler immediately set out, about half an hour, the entire house of all the masters were called to the Hall of Longevity, including Mu Chu.
Muchu sat bored aside, completely ignoring the faces of the people, but she saw a lot of acquaintances, even Yue Shi, who was pregnant and grounded, was called over together. Yue Shi also dressed up when she went out, but she could not hide the black eyes, and her body was much thinner than when she saw it a few days ago. Sitting beside her, there was Mu Zhao with a wooden board in one leg. Ignoring the resentment in the eyes of Mu Zhao and Yue Shi, Mu Chu sat aside eating cakes and fruits, as if nothing had happened, and did not see what had happened to her just now. Aunt Xu twisted the veil and looked at Yue with twinkling eyes. Mu Ying, who had not seen her for a long time, was sitting beside her. With a red light on her face, she seemed to have a good life and gained a few pounds of weight. Yue Shi did not give her a good look, and now the power of the whole house has fallen into the hands of Aunt Xu, who has completely occupied her position. Blue aunt Niang and Wu aunt Niang sit in the hand, two people are quiet many, Wu aunt Niang is raising the head slightly, that pair of gentle eyes like water, gently turned two circles on Mu Chu's body, then instantly lowered. After waiting for half a minute, Mu Wenyuan and the old lady walked into the hall together. They immediately got up and saluted the old lady and Mu Wenyuan. Mu Wenyuan waved his hand, leaving behind a few confidants of the boy and servant girl, the rest of the people are back out. This time, there is going to be a meeting. Mu Chu's eyes are calm, but her heart is as cold as ice. She has been completely disappointed with Prime Minister Mu, and she will not be a father to the person who does not treat her as a daughter at all. Even worse than strangers. Apart from Mu Chu's calmness, everyone else was so nervous that Mu Wenyuan coughed lightly,information kiosk price, setting off the silence of the Longevity Hall. There's something I want to know! Mu Wenyuan glanced at Mu Chu and winked at her. Mu Chu stood up and threw the puppet in his hand directly in front of Mu Wenyuan. Mu Wenyuan's face darkened, and after glancing at Mu Chu, he said nothing after all.


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