Military wives in the seventies come from ancient times

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Liu Zhimei looked at her sister-in-law's playful expression and knew that she was a little complacent. You should know that her sister-in-law had two daughters-in-law. She smiled and said, "That's right. Your Wenyuan and Xiuhong are both good children.". The third generation daughters-in-law of our Ye family all look good. In the future, the daughters-in-law of Jinran and Jinhao will also have to pick and choose well. Their family background is easy to say, and their character must be good. As the saying goes, the father bears a bear, and the mother bears a nest. If a good daughter-in-law is found, it will be better for the descendants of our Ye family, and the children raised by a good mother will not be wrong. Chen Liping very much agrees. She and the third brother's wife can still talk together, after all, the idea is similar. Second sister-in-law values family background more, of course, she also values character, but you pick family background, and pick character, how can it be so easy? Ji Yingxia finished writing Spring Festival couplets, looking at more red paper, she wrote more Spring Festival couplets. The Spring Festival couplets that Ye Yimei had written and dried had already been pasted by Ye Jinran and Ye Jinhao. When they were finished, she saw that Ji Yingxia was still writing. She said with a smile, "Sister-in-law, that's enough. There's no need to write." Ji Yingxia hand did not stop, continued to write, the head did not raise the sentence back: "Well, I write more, in the afternoon to my yard, also to paste." After all,digital signage kiosk, she came to Beijing to paste Spring Festival couplets on the courtyard, looking more festive, and letting people know that the courtyard has a master. In case some people who don't know what they are talking about hit the yard. Ye Yimei heard that her sister-in-law had a big courtyard in Beijing. She was very curious and said, "When you go there in the afternoon, can you take me there? I also want to go to the courtyard to have a look." Although their villa is also very good, but after all, it is not as spacious as the quadrangle. Of course you can! There are no secrets in her yard, and there is nothing to see. Ji Yingxia wrote the Spring Festival couplets, Ye Jinjiang and Ye Jinming came with their wives and children,smart interactive whiteboard, and Aunt Ye followed them. After Gu Wenyuan and Wang Xiuhong came, they went to the kitchen to help. When Aunt Ye wanted to help again, she was driven out, because the kitchen was only so big. If she went again, she couldn't turn inside. Aunt Ye was happy and relaxed. She had nothing to do, so she took a plate of melon seeds and knocked them there. At twelve o'clock, the New Year's meal is ready on time. Ye Jinran and Ye Jinhao ran to set off firecrackers. At the dinner table, the whole family sat down one after another, eating and drinking, pushing a cup for a change, Ye Jinran and Ye Jinhao teased each other, Ye Yimei and Ye Yidan interjected beside them from time to time. The meal was very lively. After tidying up after dinner and having a rest, Ji Yingxia proposed to go to her courtyard and paste Spring Festival couplets. Of course, Ye Jincheng agrees. Then let Ye Jinran to drive, Ye Jinran drunk, Liu Zhimei does not agree with him to drive, big Chinese New Year, the accident is not good. So he found another driver. Ye Jinran is drunk, temperature screening kiosk ,smart whiteboard price, see Ye Jincheng they want to go, also want to follow to see. Ye Jinran wanted to go, and Ye Yimei had previously agreed to go too. When Ye Jinhao and Ye Yidan heard that they were going to Ji Yingxia's courtyard, they followed suit. Now, a group of people in Hulala drove away in two cars. When they arrived at Ji Yingxia's yard, they got out of the car, and Ye Jinran's wine was almost sober. Ji Yingxia took out the key and opened the door. Ye Jincheng asked Ye Jinhao to help paste Spring Festival couplets. The people next to the courtyard saw the door of Ji Yingxia's courtyard open and ran over to see it. An old lady came up and said, "You left yesterday. The old lady of the Li family wanted to go in and pull out the onions and garlic she planted, but no one gave her a ladder. Her granddaughter-in-law heard that she was still divorcing on New Year's Eve because their house was too small to live in!" The old lady said a little schadenfreude, who told the old lady Li to live in the courtyard of the Xia family before, life is too arrogant! Look down on them! Take someone else's house as a big head, this is good, was driven out, that old lady Li did not come out today, it seems to be ashamed to hide from their neighbors, deserve it! Ye Yidan, a young man, could not see the virtue of the Li family. Although she didn't come yesterday, she was very angry when she heard her mother say this. She said, "It serves me right. Who let them occupy my sister-in-law's house?" When the old lady heard that it was her sister-in-law, she asked, "Little girl, is the granddaughter of the old man Xia married?" Ye Yidan looked at the old lady and said nothing.
She would not tell her own affairs to an outsider who was obviously watching the scene of bustle. The old lady was not annoyed when she saw that Ye Yidan had not spoken. She looked at it and left. Anyway, she said what she had to say. That old Li's family can't get better. Ye Yidan went into the yard and looked at Ji Yingxia with a cry. "Sister-in-law, your home is so big," she said enviously! Well, here you can plant some peach trees, pear trees and so on, and there will be fruit to eat in summer, and here, here you can plant some flowers and so on, and then plant a vine here, so that there will be grapes to eat.. "chattering.". Ye Jinran looked at her in a funny way and said jokingly, "It seems that you are talking about your own house. This is your sister-in-law's house. What's the use of saying more?" Ji Yingxia listened and said, "That's not easy. I'll plant these next spring.". After we come to Beijing, we can eat fruit! Ye Yidan glanced at Ye Jinran. That means, look, even though it's my sister-in-law's house, she agrees with what I said. Ji Yingxia also felt that it was good to plant some fruit trees in the garden, after all, the house was so big, their family was scarce, the yard was empty, why not make rational use of it? Thinking of this, she looked at Ye Yimei on one side and said, "When we go back, give the key to Auntie. Plum, when you have time, help me plant the fruit tree seedlings and flower seedlings.". All right? Ye Yimei certainly can ah, she likes this courtyard very much, if not this courtyard is too dilapidated, she is eager to come to live for a few days! "Sister-in-law, shouldn't your yard be repaired so that we can live in it when we come? Now that we're here, we don't even have a place to stay!" Of course, Ji Yingxia wanted to renovate the yard,touch screen kiosk, but didn't he have time? Besides, they will leave after the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and there is not enough time to do these things.


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