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Showing a flaw, she hurriedly raised her colorful sleeve and rolled up her bamboo sword. Just as she was about to snatch it away, she heard a sniff. The colorful sleeve had been given to her. The old woman cut off a part of her fingers and snatched the blowpipe from her. The old woman laughed and said, "Are you good at this skill?" It's a pity that my inner strength is a little weak. I still can't break my bamboo sword. I didn't say anything. You have to stay here and play with me. The old woman's bamboo sword rolled up the colorful sleeves of the Flying Dragon Lady, and although it came out in an instant, it was also shaken open. But not broken. But the sleeve of the Flying Dragon Lady was cut off by her, and the blowpipe was snatched away. By comparison, it was naturally the wife. The old woman has the upper hand. But her seniority is extremely respected, see flying dragon lady has this skill, also can not help but secretly admire. The Flying Dragon Lady ate it The second set of stunts came one after another. With a flick of the finger, the nine-star shaping needle clamped at the tip of the finger flew out one after another, and the nine-star shaping was achieved. The needle can hit nine acupoints at the same time, which is very powerful. After that old woman snatched blowpipe, laugh immediately: "This thing has however." Fun, I'll blow it. Close to the lips a blow, the sound is clear, a few points better than the flying dragon lady, the flying dragon lady's nine-star shaping needle I just sent it out, and when it was blown by her blowpipe, it all flew away. The old woman said with a smile, "Your swordsmanship hasn't been fully developed yet. Let's still It's better than a sword. With a wave of the bamboo sword, the green steel sword of the Flying Dragon Lady was glued again. The sun has passed the middle of the sky, the fight has been more than an hour, flying dragon lady Wu is unable to get away from the body to think of Xie Tianhua at this time should have arrived at Yanmen Pass. Outside the rendezvous place, I don't know if he can hear the sound of the pipe blowing, and his heart is both anxious and vexed. Suddenly he saw someone outside jump in. At first I thought it was Xie Tianhua, but unexpectedly it was his beloved disciple Yunlei,smartboard for business, who had a handsome young man behind him. Flying Dragon The woman has never seen Zhang Danfeng, but only a glance has felt the hidden heroic spirit between his eyebrows, feel that this person's ability, break! Not under his own apprentice. When Yunlei saw that Shifu was fighting against the old woman, she was very surprised. She winked at Zhang Danfeng and said, If you have something to do, please let us take a few moves from this elder, so that we can gain some insight. The Flying Dragon Lady glanced at them. I thought that even I could not defeat this old woman. How could you take over? I really don't know the depth of heaven and earth. But this is not easy to say in front of outsiders. Just as she was hesitating, the old woman suddenly drew back her bamboo sword and jumped out of the circle. "Well,65 inch touch screen," she said with a smile, "I like a young man with courage and insight best. People, are you the third generation disciples of Xuanji Yishi? What skills have you learned? Come up and show me. The Flying Dragon Lady breathed a sigh of relief. Listening to what the old woman said, there was no malice. It was expected that she would not kill the two younger generations. "Well," he said, "be careful to pick up this old-timer." The old woman didn't take it seriously at all. "Why don't you make a move?" She asked with her bamboo sword across her chest. Zhang Danfeng and Yun Lei Each stroked the hilt of his sword and saluted. "Please give me some advice," he said. Suddenly the two swords came out together, one left and one right, and the sword went halfway, suddenly. Synthesize a round solitary, cut at the waist! The old woman initially thought that since these two people were the third generation disciples of Xuanji Yishi, no matter how good their kung fu was, they were not much better than him. To move, is completely a kind of play out of the mood, never expected the combination of two swords, so fierce! At the sight of the fierce sword Fierce power, can not help but surprised, very close to each other, to display the formula of adhesion, interactive digital whiteboard ,touch screen whiteboard, also too late. In this moment, I saw the silver rainbow ring. Around, a dark shadow flew up in the air. Zhang Danfeng left elbow disease, a bump Yunlei, Yunlei hit back a few steps, only to see that the old woman has been smiling and stopped in their own. In front of oneself, loudly praised: "Good!"! Young man, come again, come again! It turned out that the old woman parried with a bamboo sword because of her urgency. Too late, had no choice but to display the unique skill of his life, a "thin chest skillfully over the clouds" leap up, inverted vertical Zhang Xu, and in this leap. Between the vertical, the sleeve left and right a brush, the double sword swing open, this old woman decades of skill, not unusual, double sleeve a brush, force more than a thousand. Jin, not only the double sword swing open, the remaining potential is not exhausted, potential will brush to two people.
Zhang Danfeng knew very well, so he hurried to use his skill. Force, will cloud bud knock back a few steps, oneself also hurriedly dodge to avoid sharp, this just can two without injury. The old woman was forced to display her unique skill. She was regretting that she was afraid of seriously injuring the two young men. Isn't it a pity? Suddenly she saw Zhang Danfeng. Shaking to reveal this skill of excellent kungfu, can not help but be surprised, but also happy, the moment a wave of bamboo sword, the first to seal the two swords. Road, fight again. This time the old woman already knew the power of the combination of the two swords, and no longer dared to play with them. The bamboo sword circled and flew, comparing He was even more serious when he fought against the Flying Dragon Lady. Zhang and Yun also tried their best to bring the power of the combination of the two swords into full play. Endless, within fifty strokes, the old woman could not take advantage of them at all. The flying dragon lady was stunned, and the young man's swordsmanship and the swordsmanship he had given to Yunlei were matched to the top of the world. Every move is extremely natural, as if each one uses its own, just like practicing swordsmanship at ordinary times, with two swords in a couplet, but like celestial clothes. Seamless, impeccable. Strangely enough, Zhang Danfeng's swordsmanship was very familiar to the Flying Dragon Lady, but she could not say it. The name comes. The Flying Dragon Lady couldn't help exclaiming in amazement. She thought to herself, "In those days, Master gave two sets of swordsmanship to Xie Tianhua." Me? Don't teach each other. Could it be that the swordsmanship used by this young man is the set of swords that I have never seen and that Xie Tianhua got? Law? At this time, the fight in the field became more and more intense. After a long time, the old woman gradually gained the upper hand. Although she had a bamboo sword in her hand, Force through the tip of the sword, when forced to come, but like the wind and rain, the pressure can not breathe. After Zhang and Yun got to know each other, they joined hands. Bi is invincible, that is, Wu Mengfu and Golden Hook Fairy Lin Xianyun two people together, but also with them a draw, unexpectedly this wife With a bamboo sword, the mother-in-law can not only dissolve the power of the combination of two swords one by one, but also preempt Zhang Danfeng and Yunlei. Kill only parry,touch screen interactive whiteboard, no power to fight back. Just as Zhang Danfeng was about to admit defeat, she heard the old woman shout, "Who is coming?"? Give.


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