An old story of the Western Qin Dynasty

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Xian Fei's voice is light, but also with a trace of pleasure, compared with Zhou's exasperated voice, Yang Jingzhong and others are like falling into the abyss in their hearts! The virtuous imperial concubine comes in one continuous line, they are afraid to all die here today! She stroked her temples and suddenly saw the corpse of the imperial concubine Minqin at Zhou's feet. She seemed startled. "What did Sister Xu do wrong again that led to her death?" Their grudges lasted for more than 30 years, and time really passed too long, so long that the contradictions and hatred between them could no longer be reconciled. For a long time, I almost forgot the secrets hidden under the beautiful scenery of the flourishing age, which were stained with blood and filthy to the extreme. Secret. × Meiji 30 years, winter. In recent years, in the evening, there was a heavy snow in the capital a few days ago, and it has not stopped for several days. In a remote corner of the imperial city, there is a vermilion gate mansion, with a pair of exquisitely carved stone lions at the entrance. The vermilion lacquer door is closed. This is a prince's palace, which is not very big. It is inhabited by the thirteenth prince of the present emperor, King Qi. He usually walks in the upper study, today is not a rest day, not in the house. The courtyard on the south side of the palace was brightly lit, with one cry of pain after another and one basin of blood after another,smartboards in classrooms, indicating that the owner of the courtyard was afraid of his life. Women have always given birth to roll around the gate of death, Huangfu Xi only felt as if his lower body was cracked, very painful! "Ah-no more babies!"! I, don't give birth-ah- "" "What did Madame say?"! The little master is about to come out. How can he say such frustrated words at such a critical moment? "Madam, stop talking and save your strength to give birth to a little master!" "Madam!"! Madame can't fall asleep! The woman on the bed was biting a towel in her mouth, and her whole body was wet with cold sweat. Two or three Jinyi Mammy were pressing her legs. She shouted so loudly that she couldn't give birth for a long time. She screamed again and again. The scene was so miserable! There were three or four women in gorgeous clothes sitting in the main hall of the palace. The one in the right seat had a warm round face, his hands were in his sleeves,smart boards for conference rooms, and he was looking into the rear hall from time to time. On her left and right, the woman sitting on her right was extremely beautiful, and the two on her left, one comely and the other heroic, were all excellent colors. Xi'er's younger sister has not seen the child fall to the ground for a long time. I'm afraid.. "Xu Shi thought about it and opened her mouth. She is a person who has a son. Naturally, she knows the pain of giving birth to a child. Listening to Huangfu Xi's gradually weakening, her heart is not good. She has been born for almost five hours, but the child has not come down yet. I'm afraid the thirteenth master's child is a lucky one.". Before she had finished speaking, as if she were against her, a Mammy hurried to the door to announce the good news. "Madam Xi has given birth!"! Congratulations to the princess! It's a young master! "Oh?" Zhou Shi suddenly stood up, with a real smile on her face: "Did Xi'er's sister give birth?"? Is my sister all right? "Back to the princess, Madame Xi is in good health, but she has lost some blood. Madame Du Du is accompanying her!" Out of the corner of his eye, Zhou Qingluo glanced at Xu, 75 inch smart board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, Lin, and Zhong in the hall and said, "Good, good!"! Quickly go to someone to report the good news to the palace, oh, and then go to Shang's study to report to Wang Ye-the house is overjoyed! "Yes!" She was jubilant here. In the south courtyard, Huangfu Xi, with a pale face, held the hand of the viceroy's wife. She had just given birth and was extremely weak. Mother, I have never asked my mother for anything, but I have asked my mother to keep Liner! The viceroy's wife looked very old, shook her daughter's hand solemnly, and nodded. When King Qi hurried back to the mansion, he did not see the jubilant appearance of the newborn Liner in the mansion. The servants stood trembling at the foot of the wall. He handed the whip to the gatekeeper and went to the south courtyard to ask, "Where is the child?" Li Youfu was able to keep up with his pace. He whispered, "The young master has been in your wife's womb for too long. The doctor was saying that when he was born, he had lost his breath.." "What?" Qi Wang's young face was stupefied.
Later, Luo Heng, who recorded the Book of Emperor Qi of the yuan Dynasty, had only one sentence left to describe the third son of Emperor Qi: "The third son of the emperor, whose mother was Huangfu of Yihua Palace, had a difficult birth and landed without interest." No one knew that on that day, the viceroy's wife took a newborn child with her in the interlayer of the carriage back to the mansion. In the winter of that year, a newly born woman in the city reported to the officials that she had lost her child, but there was no result under the inspection of the officials, and it is still an unsolved case. No one knew that the viceroy's wife had been surnamed Sikong, and Sikong had a deep relationship with Huangfu. 97 Chapter 97 "Huangfu Xi, how dare you!" Angrily, Madam Chou shouted, with the golden crown of the nine phoenixes on her head, showing the identity of her wife: "Where is your evidence? Is it possible that whoever you say is the third prince is the third prince?" The virtuous imperial concubine looked at her exasperated appearance, bowed her head and smiled softly: "If my concubine is talking nonsense, then what is the empress in a hurry?"? What are you afraid of? "Are you afraid of being killed in the middle of the night?" "Does the empress really think that no one in the palace knows what you did in those years?" Her voice suddenly rose, the hall was silent, Wei Yuming turned his head, but saw Zhou's whole body trembling slightly, this is the first time he saw his mother, who has always been dignified and calm, lose her temper like this! "What are you talking about?" "Why is the son of the imperial concubine Duanfei gone? Do you want my concubine to say it again in front of the civil and military officials?"? Emperor, queen, mother, mother? The virtuous imperial concubine's face is full of publicity smile. Concubine Zhong was the first of them to give birth to the heir of Prince Qi. It was a full-term boy. Although he was the eldest son of the concubine, Emperor Qi was still very happy, but it was not long before he was targeted by the prince of the East Palace at that time. Then one day,interactive boards for classrooms, he somehow fell into the hands of the prince, and naturally it was gone. Prince Kai's mansion is heavily guarded and there is no mole. How does the prince know about this child? Without the mole, how could the child be in the hands of the prince for no reason.


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