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Chapter 259 of the main text bears break corn. Updated: 2012-01-06 19:54:45 Words in this Chapter: 2958 Chen Xinyuan can not help but feel curious: "How crazy law, say to listen!" " I just ran away. When I walked out and almost knocked down an iceberg beauty, I just said'sorry ', and she immediately came straight to the point and said to me,' I want a potion. ' I am laughing to say: 'You say to give to give, do you think the beauty that grow wants everybody to comply with your idea? If you want to get it, you have to pay the corresponding price. Iceberg beauty immediately interface: 'I need to pay what kind of price, to get the potion? I was shaking my legs, and I looked so dirty. How lascivious is swinging? . Swing : 'If you will sleep with me, I can give you a bottle reluctantly.' I just want to be angry with her, but I didn't expect her to ask seriously: 'Do you want me to *** with you when you sleep?' I didn't expect her to be bolder than me. Her brain was a little short-circuited for a moment. She said, 'Of course. Otherwise, do you think a man and a woman sleeping together without sex are still discussing how to maintain world peace?' I didn't expect her to take off her clothes as soon as I said that, and I never expected her to take off her clothes so fast. In the blink of an eye, the woman in front of me was naked. Then she lay down on the grass and spread her legs. She said to me, 'Come on.' At that time, my mouth must have been open enough to stuff two eggs,65 inch smart board, but I immediately did something that I now regret: First he jumped up as if he had been whipped, then he took out the potion from the parcel bar and threw it to her, and finally he ran back like a rabbit with an arrow in his ass. Xinshao, you help me to analyze, you say what is going on with her grandmother, even if there are people outside,interactive whiteboard for schools, why didn't I take her back to the room to be executed on the spot? I can assure you with my little brother that the woman is absolutely beautiful! Chen Xinyuan patted Du Wisteria on the shoulder and said with a smile, "This shows that you are still a person, not an animal." "I wish I were an animal.". Little heart, do you know? I almost want to play a dozen big mouths with myself now! How could I miss such a good thing? Du wistaria was chagrined when there was a clear knock at the door. In the game, two people have far more enemies than enemies. Look at each other, are careful alert, Chen Xinyuan looked at the distant play of a lot of eyes, and finally did not choose to summon. Through the living room, Du Wisteria opened the door and saw the man, his face was wonderful in an instant. Chen Xinyuan leaned forward and saw a beautiful face without any human fireworks. If you don't give up just now, it can't be regarded as my breach of contract, so I took this potion. The remaining four bottles are back to you! Du wistaria took it in a daze, smart interactive whiteboard ,classroom interactive whiteboard, not knowing what to say for a moment. But that iceberg beautiful woman also only gazed at Du wistaria with the black eye, two people face to face, unexpectedly locked in a stalemate. It was Chen Xinyuan who broke the deadlock: "Blocking at the door is not the way to entertain guests. Why don't you invite this girl in?" "Please, come in," said Du Wisteria as if waking from a dream. Iceberg beauty shook his head: "I do not come in.". I have something urgent. "Then you, you, you stand here …" said Du Wisteria. Here "Wait for you to thank me." "Oh, thank you, thank you for helping me return the other potions to me, in fact, if you want, I can give them again." Come in and have a cup of tea, ah, ah! As soon as the word "thank you" was uttered, the iceberg beauty immediately turned around and left without looking back. The rest of the words were just Du's soliloquy. "Aren't you curious?" Asked Chen Xinyuan. "Huh?" "What on earth is worth taking such a big risk and making such a big price for this iceberg beauty?" "Oh, yes, what is it?" Du wistaria thought hard. You'll know if you follow it. "Huh?"? Ah Du Wisteria's eyes lit up and her face was full of excitement. "You are so talented.".
Yes Looking at the instant disappearance of Du Wisteria, Chen Xinyuan can't help laughing: "It's really like a bear breaking corn, taking one, throwing one, heartless." After resting on the balcony, Chen Xinyuan had dinner with Duoduo. At 6:55, Duoduo came to the front hall of the wonderful house with curious eyes. As a creature at the top of the food chain on the mainland, Duoduo was originally high above the masses, which made most people feel awe and fear, but now he uses the transformation potion, which makes many white maids feel so lovely that they almost want to touch its scalp and scratch its soft and hairy belly. By this time Xiaowu was already sitting at a table by the window, and when he saw Chen Xinyuan come in, he immediately stood up. After Chen Xinyuan passed by, he sat down and asked Duoduo to lie down beside him. Then he made a gesture of asking him to sit down. Xiaowu leaned forward and only sat on half of his buttocks. After looking at Duoduo carefully, he sat upright. Then he said with shame on his face, "You recorded sixteen kinds of medicinal materials on the paper you gave me. Unfortunately, I only found four of them in the city." "How much?" Xiaowu was a little cramped: "147 gold coins." "Here are two hundred gold coins, and the extra money is for your hard work." Xiaowu was flattered: "But this is too much." I never treat people who work for me badly. My brothers all know how to settle accounts, and I'm not embarrassed to ask for money from others. You can help me keep an eye on the other medicinal materials and collect them first if you think the price is right. Chen Xinyuan said, "if I want to find you, how can I contact you?" "You can ask the attendants here to find me directly, and they can find me; or you can come to the underground black market; or you can go to the temple in the center of the city to write a sign." "I see." Xiaowu stood up,interactive panels for education, hesitated for a moment, then said: "Perhaps there is a place where you need some of the medicinal materials, but..." "But what?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com


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