The Holy King

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According to reason, a high-level elixir, even if it is inferior, is also ten thousand points of merit value, and this anti-poison elixir, high quality, detoxification and anti-poison effect are very good, at least equivalent to twenty thousand points of merit value, if taken out for auction, and just meet the master of poisoning, the price is higher. Now, this elder actually gives two thousand merit value? This is tantamount to robbery, although the task of self-enrichment in the temple, deliberately firm, the contribution of the disciples to pay low, and then report the normal value, their self-enrichment situation is very serious, some elders and disciples in which oil and water, but no one dares to be so blatant. Generally speaking, it is normal for an elder to offer 8,000 yuan for a treasure worth 10,000 yuan of merit. Twenty percent of the oil and water is very rich. But now squeeze Yang Qi, but it is worth ten or twenty thousand, open two thousand, this squeeze up, do not treat Yang Qi as a person. Although Yang Qi also squeezed others in the Sutra Pavilion, but that is also the rule set by Bai Yin, within the hidden rules, in other words, the door rules can allow such behavior, but in the face of such naked squeezing of elders, it is unbearable. Elder, we are all sensible people,silk cherry blossom tree, and we have squeezed too much. Yang Qi sneered. Be bold! The elder pounded the table fiercely. "What are you that dares to talk to me like that?" Chapter 1220 squeezing. The elder of the mission temple, with his stern voice and expression, tried to frighten Yang Qi. But Yang Qi's face was calm, and he still said slowly, "This elixir is worth at least ten or twenty thousand yuan. I can allow you to squeeze it, but there must be a limit. This is an unspoken rule. Our Sutra Pavilion is the same. But now you are not squeezing, but robbing. I'm afraid you have broken the rules of the task temple and the rules of the game." Yang Qi deeply knew that the rules of the game could not be broken, so he was careful everywhere since he entered the gate of the gods. Otherwise, he would have killed Elder Yue, Elder Yue and others long ago. He would not have planted a demon fetus in their bodies and not moved. What are the rules of the game? The elder of Shenge 6 sneered again and again: "In the temple of this task, I am the rule. What I say is everything. If you say two thousand merit value, you are two thousand merit value. But now I have changed my mind. This elixir will be confiscated. There is no merit value at all. Because you roared at the elder, this is the punishment." "But, roaring elder, the crime is unforgivable." Another elder said, "It's normal to confiscate your elixir. If you continue to roar, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,fake ficus tree, you will be arrested and imprisoned in a cell, so that you can enjoy the torture of criminal law for a lifetime. Of course, we are still very particular about the rules of the game. Since you have turned in the elixir, even if you complete the task, there is no merit value at all. Now you go out." Now that Yang Qi has handed in the task, these elder tasks are still counted as his completion, otherwise it is not justified, it is very likely that he will be caught, and counted as his completion of the task, if it comes to light, it is a great charge of squeezing disciples, light and light, it is very likely that the blame from above will pass. You Yang Qi's eyes became cold. What's the matter? Aren't you convinced? Are you going to make a scene in our mission temple? Who do you think you are? Xiao Ba Wang? Another elder said fiercely. He also pounded the table and stood up. All right, all right. Yang Qi suddenly smiled and said, "Elders, if you have something to say, I'll admit defeat. How about that?"? This time I admit defeat. As he spoke, Yang Qi retreated. Wait a minute.. An elder suddenly tunnel: "You roar elder, kneel down to apologize..." However, Yang Qi had already gone out, and when the two disciples came out, Yang Qi had disappeared. You go out, too. With a wave of his hand, the elder asked the two disciples to go out, and then warned, "Don't tell anyone what happened today, or you will know what will happen." "Yes, yes, yes." The two disciples nodded hurriedly and decided to forget about it.
"How fast the boy runs!" The three elders sat down again, and the elder of Shenge 6 grinned grimly at the "poison avoidance pill" in his hand. "This is a good thing, and it's worth a lot. I think we should hide it, not hand it over, and put it in the auction outside the school. The value is absolutely high. The poison avoidance pill obtained from the temple of Dan King can absolutely remove countless poisons. There are many poisoned masters. They are willing to go bankrupt in order to be exposed to the toxicity of their bodies. "That's a good idea, but since the boy has paid the task, we have to take out the task items." "Actually, we broke the rules of the game today, too," said an elder. "Take out an inferior elixir casually, containing a little powder of the highest will in it, saying that the task paid by this boy is OK, we can steal the beam and change the pillar." "I didn't expect that this boy could swallow his pride and not be taken in," said the elder of Shenge Six. "In fact, what we did this time was to squeeze him so hard that he would go on a rampage and attack us, so that we could catch him and put a charge on him!" "That's what the big man told us." Another elder nodded: "Dan medicine or in the second, mainly to frame this person, put him into the cell, looking for his mistakes, when the big man can negotiate with Biluo, get the pet blood in Biluo's hands!" "That great man, in our door to the gods, the status is no small matter, want to punish this boy is not a simple thing?" "Why do you want to use our hands?" Asked another elder. "It's very simple. The big man's every move should be aboveboard. How can he use conspiracy? If he deals with Yang Qi himself, it's like bombarding a small ant with an artifact. It will make many people feel that his image has been destroyed." "Originally,large ficus tree, this boy didn't fall for it," said the elder of Shenge Six. "I was going to ask him to kneel down and see if he could endure the humiliation of his crotch. As a result, he ran so fast." "Then let's go and get him back!" 。


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