Legend of the Mage I

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"If I tell you to poison, you will poison!"! Hurry up Lin Jia Hei Hei smiled. If the method he conceived was not correct, he could go back to the city once for free. There was another one left. Now the volume is a good thing. Unless you are willing to spend time to go to Beach's Skeleton to fight cave bats, you can make money by this. Eldest brother scolded: "Make Bitch you this is not?" Shake hands to Lin Jia dyed Ceng green paint, then changed the red poison and brushed Ceng red paint for him. Lin Jia looked at his blood volume, the eldest brother level 0 poison power is too small, the maintenance time is not long, the blood volume is declining at the speed of a few points a second, gnawing powerful Jinchuang medicine can easily withstand. Ready, Lin Jia quickly ran to the small open space in front of the evil centipede refresh point, and accurately stopped within the attack range of the evil centipede. It happened to be the place where the evil centipede could not touch him directly. Lin Jia always thought that the evil centipede had a physical attack, because every time the big one sprayed poison, its ferocious head would be smashed down. Maybe it used its head as a physical attack. So to be on the safe side, Lin Jia is still a little far away, who knows if this fire is not practiced iron head work. As soon as Lin Jia ran near the refresh point, the huge and ferocious figure of the evil centipede roared out of the abyss as expected, and the fierce attack of "whir" poured down like a tide. Just now so many people it can almost take care of each, let alone now only one person? Brush the screen like "you are poisoned!" Appeared in Lin Jia's chat box, Lin Jia stared at his blood bottle,silk ficus tree, did not show a "you are poisoned!" Lin Jia's blood volume will cross 1/3, and then in the prompt interval, almost 1/5 of the blood volume per second decreases, not ancient Lin Jia with the use of powerful golden medicine and solar water, in more than ten attacks of the evil centipede, unexpectedly has not died! Let the guys who watched Lin Jia, the little wizard, commit suicide,silk ficus tree, roll their eyes all over the floor! Although I don't understand why Lin Jia wants to test himself, a mage with only 106 HP points actually stood still and resisted the evil centipede that could almost kill a level 30 warrior just now. This lets the onlookers know that this madman mage is to let everyone know that he has found a way to resist the attack of the evil centipede pervert! Lin Jia was petrified twice in succession. As soon as the petrifaction touched, he threw two thunderbolts on the evil centipede, then turned his head and ran back to safety. What's wrong What's wrong The fourth brother asked in surprise, "How can you resist more than me?" Lin Jia said excitedly, "As a result, I was pushed down by a good man with a ring of fire to see the attack range of the big centipede. At that time, it bit me several times, but I was not killed in seconds. So if I didn't guess wrong, the big centipede is immune to magic attack skills.". And its fierce poison attack each time the damage is not inferior to the worma leader's "crazy thunder and lightning palm", as long as you brush on the body of the Taoist priest's poison can defend its fierce poison attack, the player's poison and the evil centipede's poison can only exist one at a time and will not be superimposed! That is to say, we only need to resist the toxin attack of the Taoist priest. Now the Taoist priest is almost level 0, outdoor palm trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, and the HP value is deducted. Even I, a little mage, can hold on to it. The business of exchanging serious injuries for minor injuries can be done! As long as it can't kill our warriors, then with the support of red and solar water, and the blood of three Taoist priests next to it, don't you think we can probably kill this big centipede? And every time after Sinopec is a good opportunity to enrich the blood, as long as the control is appropriate, even the master can resist! Let's grind it slowly, and sooner or later it will grind to death! Holy shit! Can you imagine that? The fourth brother couldn't help saying. But if the Taoist priest walks into the attack range, he will be petrified and attacked! There is no Taoist priest to add blood, the consumption of potion is too fast! The little shrimp thought about it and put forward a flaw. Er.. "Lin Jia really didn't think of this. Looking at the number of people now, the little shrimp and the fourth brother are two high attack warriors, the eldest brother and Barra are two high Taoist priests, plus Meimei, the little nurse sister, and Lin Jia, the" disabled "master.
"In this way!" "Let's take a human ladder," said Lin Jia! Shrimp, you and Feng have no intention to go to the top! Clouds and clouds stand in the danger zone to help you add poison and blood! Leering eyes stand outside the danger zone to help the cloud and the darling add poison and blood! I'm responsible for cleaning up the refreshed Xiaoguai! "Why don't we call a few more people?" Little shrimp may be afraid to die, if the equipment on his body is lost, these people alone can not pick it up. It's all Right. It's too noisy when there are too many people! Besides, the angle of the evil centipede can only stand two people, and more is useless! As long as there is no problem with the operation, you must be able to stand it. Are your potions full? If dead I and the leering eyes to help you pick up, anyway, as long as a second can not I, I think my operation is absolutely clearance! Lin Jia carefully looked at the environment, that angle can only stand side by side under two people can directly use physical attacks to hurt the evil centipede, more can not reach it, just a random fight, is completely in vain to die a push, but also because of the death of many people just now, now the potion in their bags is almost full load. All right! Small shrimp rice one horizontal heart, way: "Crazy you draw Xiaoguai out to clear first!"! I'll count to 123, let's go together! Lin Jia used violent flames to draw some of the monsters around him out of the danger zone to kill them, so as to prevent them from making trouble later. Then the shrimp and the fourth brother stood side by side on the edge of the danger zone, lining up like preparing for a race. When the shrimp's "3" exit, the elder brothers and sisters withdrew their legs and rushed forward. The eldest brother and the two Taoist priests rushed to the middle of the dangerous zone and stopped. One was responsible for a warrior. Meimei and Lin Jia stood on the edge and kept helping the two Taoist priests to add blood alternately. This time quite smoothly, in addition to the middle of the shrimp was the first to be petrified for a few seconds, we all accurately rushed to their own position time, assassination swordsmanship "brush!"! Brush! Voice, Samurai's "Ha!"! Drink Burst shout, evil centipede's "Ang'er!"! Ang! Miserable roar, healing "sob ha ha ~!" The crisp sound,outdoor ficus tree, the "crackling" sound of pressing the keyboard crazily, or the "grunt" of drinking the liquid medicine! Gollum! Sound, continuous in the ear. hacartificialtree.com


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