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"Interest group" is not established by one person, nor controlled by one person, but composed of a group of people with the same interests, the same purpose and the same will. The group is driven by the "maximization of interests", and every member of the group is irrelevant. However, if a member violates the interests of the group and deviates from the direction of the group, he will be ruthlessly expelled, or even die without a burial place. Even if Jubbel has evidence against interest groups, it can only trap a few members of the group, and can not completely destroy interest groups. Jia Pei'er understands the mystery and knows the rules of the game of interest groups. At the critical moment, the president can only rely on the "pitiful" power in his hands. Mossad's answer is that as long as China does not sell strategic offensive weapons to Iran,artificial grass panels, Israel will not make a big fight. The information we have provided is very timely and critical, and has achieved good results. "The head of Mossad is called Bentol?" "Maybe an alias." Wesley gave a wry smile. "Although Mossad promised not to spy on the United States, they only have Israel's interests in their eyes, not the interests of the United States.". I even wondered if I was meeting with the head of Mossad or just a stand-in. "Why?" Juppell frowned slightly. Feeling Wesley sighed. The topics we talked about were not many, and they were basically related to Iran. With my years of experience,outdoor ficus tree, I feel that Bentall's words are compiled in advance, not like a temporary play. "At the very least, Israel will not ask us for large amounts of military aid immediately." Wesley nodded. "That's for sure. After all, our military aid is only a drop in the bucket. We should spend more time on diplomacy and make our attitude public." "I will let Lynch or Eric visit Israel as a special envoy as soon as possible." Jaber rubbed his forehead. "Do you know what's going on in the country recently?" Wesley hesitated a little and said, "I've been watching Time News." Jabel nodded and got up and walked to the window. The director also stood up, but did not follow. He knows the president's situation very well, and can even guess what the president wants to do. Unlike his predecessor, Wesley is a professional intelligence officer with no political affiliation. Experience tells him that the president's ass is not clean. Duty tells him that in addition to serving the president, faux ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, he must abide by the law and safeguard the national interests. What if the president's orders conflict with the law and the interests of the country? This is not a simple choice question, on the one hand, professional ethics, on the other hand, civic responsibility. In fact, I should have told you these things a few months ago. Juppell turned and asked Wesley to sit down on the sofa. Do you remember the incident five years ago? Wesley frowned slightly. "You said …" "You are a direct participant and know the inside story better than I do." Juppell also sat down. "More than four months ago, Jonathan submitted a report that China was applying composite batteries and superconducting motors to the military.". I heard that you also participated in the drafting of the report? Wesley nodded. To be precise, the report was written by himself. At that time, I was also obsessed and followed Jonathan's advice. "What suggestion?" Curiosity drove Wesley on. Jonathan believes that if war breaks out between India and Pakistan, China will certainly not stand idly by. The easiest way to prove whether China has new weapons equipped with hybrid batteries and superconducting motors, and how much China's military power has improved and whether it poses a threat to us, is a war. Wesley was secretly surprised that he had written a purely technical report and had not advised the president to instigate a war. Now we know that Jonathan has been working for the arms group. Juppell sighed. "If I had known, I would not have taken his advice, let alone allowed the CIA to conduct covert operations in India.".
” Wesley was even more surprised. Although the president did not say it directly, the remarks showed that the president was indeed directly related to the "bombing of Humayun Mausoleum" and even to the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Gandhi. A complete train of thought gradually appeared in Wesley's mind as he recalled the whereabouts of Jonathan and Palmer. It's just that I don't regret it. Jaber showed a tough side. "Although the fourth war between India and Pakistan caused great damage, our goal was achieved.". China has not only applied composite batteries and superconducting motors to the military field, but also far exceeded our expectations. Without this war, we would still be in the dark. This war has sounded the alarm bell for us to catch up and increase research investment in related fields, laying the foundation for ensuring national interests. Wesley did not deny this, and he knew that the president's purpose was not so simple. What I didn't expect was that someone would accuse me of this now. Juppell showed a dejected look. Even if ordinary people can't understand it, those Republican congressmen can't fail to understand it. Are they still qualified to talk about'American supremacy 'in Congress for the sake of partisan interests and even for the sake of national interests? "How did Jonathan die?" Wesley raises a very critical question. Whether or not Jubbel instigated the fourth India-Pakistan war for the sake of national interests, because the war was not carried out in the United States, the United States did not directly participate in the war, and did not cause casualties to American civilians, it is impossible for the American judiciary to investigate the president and the Republican Party to make a big fuss about this issue. Even if the truth is found out, it is only a "policy error", the judiciary can not prosecute the president, and Jaber will lose his reputation at most. The key question is whether Jonathan's death is related to the president. According to U.S. law,silk olive tree, if the president ordered Jonathan's assassination or otherwise caused Jonathan's death, the president would be guilty of first-degree murder, with a minimum penalty of life imprisonment.


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