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Turning his eyes, he suddenly saw a man hurrying into the meeting hall. Although his hair was waxed and his suit was stiff, there was a trace of anxiety on his face. It is very different from the usual calm public image. His eyes glanced around, and his face became more irritable. Blinking, Anning looked at Xie Xian. It's a little strange, but it's none of your business. It's better not to worry about it. Seeing him standing in the doorway for a long time, he suddenly showed a trace of joy. Striding this way. Anning was stunned to see him pass straight by. Can not help but look down his figure. It was Hong Sheng and Liu Dehua who were sitting there. Raise the eyebrow, peaceful withdraw the eyes. There is a strange feeling in my heart. Look again, see Xie Xian walk past, do not know what to say. Hong Sheng shook his head gently, and his face showed disappointment. He straightened up and looked around again. After a while, he suddenly smiled. He said hello to Hong Sheng and turned to meet him in front of the door. I have nothing to do. Peaceful eyes followed. Only to find that the prince was slowly coming in. Slanted the lower head, did not know when he crystal nucleus Xie Xian to catch up with the relationship again. Take back your eyes, glance at the corner of your eyes, and unexpectedly see Hong Sheng is taking back his eyes. Although there was no time to catch his expression at that moment, the look in his eyes clearly implied a trace of severity. Remembering the rumors before, Anning could not help patting his chest. Can not help but have a peep, but is also looking back at Liu Dehua eyes a collision. For a moment, Liu Dehua looked at her and his mouth moved slightly. But in the end still did not say hello, turned his head to listen to Hong Sheng's whisper. Heart a move, peace did not look away, looking at the two people who are whispering conversation. He sensitively felt the gloom and indignation under Liu Dehua's calm face. Shaking his head, Anning felt a little headache. He simply turned his eyes to look elsewhere. Soon, I was attracted by several people who came to chat on the other side of the seat. Among several people, Xiao Fangfang, a senior who was officially Anning's favorite, thought he was Du Guowei,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, who had just won the best screenwriter, while another ugly man was somewhat strange. But no matter who he is, the content of the three people's conversation is very interesting to Anning. You know what I appreciate most about Cantonese opera is not only its own artistic charm, but also its perception of art and life. "Tiger door", no matter who, as long as the "tiger door" will forget themselves, can only live in the play. But after the play, it is a life that has nothing to do with the play. Perhaps today, I met many predecessors of Cantonese opera, and Du Guowei was very impressed. In fact, no matter what kind of stage art it is, it is probably the same. That's pretty much how I've spent most of my life. "Yes, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between inside and outside the play." Xiao Fangfang also said with a smile, but there was a faint sadness between his eyebrows and eyes. Anning quietly moved his seat and sat down. But do not speak, ultrasonic handheld welder ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, just quietly listening to the feelings of a few people. It was Du Guowei who first saw Anning, raised his eyebrows and greeted him with a smile. Anning smiled deliberately and said, "Because Brother Wei still owes me a big meal. How can I not stare at you?" Du Guowei failed to make a sound, and a smile was added to his gloomy expression just now. Introduce to peaceful again: "Fang Fang elder sister, you are known.". I've probably never seen this one before. Let me introduce him to you. Director Shu Qi, editor-in-chief of Biweekly. First, he was stunned, and then he laughed at once. I've been looking forward to it for a long time, and I finally see myself. This sentence is not flattering, but she has really introduced the film critic she has never met as a confidant since that report. Smile and shake hands with peace. Shu Qi did not do much greeting, still continued the topic just now: "Hui Jie's life is legendary.". Whether on or off the stage, it is enough to be a model for our younger generation. Ren Jianhui, who won the Centennial Palace Award for Opera and Film in this year, is probably the most famous female civil and military student in Hong Kong. The name of "Ren Bai" can still be regarded as the representative of Hong Kong even after many years. Anning slanted his head and looked at a few people who were suddenly speechless. Suddenly he whispered, "If only I could shoot a Liyuan Opera to reproduce those artistic lives." He blurted out a sentence without much consideration. But the other three people looked at her at the same time, so that the peace was stunned. Raised eyebrows, some confused appearance, but also a bit of joy. Shu Qi looked at Du Guowei with great interest. With brother Wei here, the script is naturally no problem.
But how do you know that brother Wei and I have been planning such a play? A few years ago, when I saw the stage play, I wanted to shoot this theme very much. But unfortunately, there has been no proper opportunity. Now, even Xiao Fangfang smiled and said, "If you two really want to make such a movie.". Be sure to think about me! "That's natural. There are very few Hong Kong actresses who can surpass Sister Fang Fang in terms of stage skills.". I still remember your appearance in the play "hit the front". With the in-depth discussion, Shu Qi, who was still very indifferent to Abe, also seemed a little excited. Several people talked more and more in detail, and even began to discuss how to revise Du Guowei's original stage play. But the more peaceful he listened, the more anxious he became, almost impolitely interrupting, "I, I.." Brother Wei, brother Qi. Look at a few people who turn their heads to look at themselves. Anning looked at them pitifully and almost begged, "Can you give me a role, too?"? The supporting role is also good. I couldn't help laughing. After thinking about it, Shu Qi said, "If you want to shoot a Pear Garden drama, you must at least have a basic foundation.". And I don't like quick products in filming, and it may take more time. A busy man like you. "I can learn!" Without hesitation. Anning added, "I can learn, and I am willing to learn.". Brother Wei. He looked at Du Guowei as if asking for help. I hope he can put in a good word for himself. After all, we've worked together. I have a basic understanding of her. Du Guowei only slightly pondered, then assured her: "a Ning is a very serious actor, I believe she will do what she said." Eyes flash, Shu Qi finally slowed down some serious expression,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and showed a gentle smile. If that's the case, it's time to start learning. Before Wei and I really change the script, I want to see an actor who can stand on the stage. 。


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