Nebula Story "Tanbi Mecha"

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Looking helplessly at the dejected Chesu, His Highness Lance shook his head and ran after Fern. Brother, you know, Chesu is a man. "Shut up, Lance." "I suddenly envy you a little," said the angry prince, who had been hit by some strange emotion. "Envy me?" Lance touched his cheek in surprise and laughed at himself. "Why, didn't you see me beaten like this by my partner in the mecha?" "I wish I could be honest with my partner and say what I have to say. At the worst, I would have a big fight!" Said Fern in exasperation. "But look at him. Do you really care about me?!" "Brother, be contented-" Lancelas long voice, the corner of the mouth was affected by the wound, the pain straight cold air, "look at my wound!" Glancing disdainfully at his brother, Fern frowned and suddenly remembered something: "Your battle is really fierce!"! Can two people's mouths be hurt like this? Extraordinary E-book Discussion Forum Embarrassed suddenly, there was a strange embarrassment on Lance's gentle face: "Don't mention my brother.". I didn't fight so hard, and I almost had a truce. As a result, he misunderstood me. The awkward scene of the fight in the mecha floated in his mind, and his face burned: "Damn it!"! He didn't mean to, just fight too close, two people's lips touch together,ultrasonic dispersion machine, which thought of that guy, like being frivolous, and began to go crazy, eager to beat himself into a pig's head! However It's not that bad when your lips touch, is it? It's so strange that Van Chong reacted so violently. That kind of rigid and boring personality should not be. Never had a first kiss? In his mind, Hus was thinking, and Lance was a little lost in thought. Without noticing the unusual behavior of the emperor's younger brother,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, His Highness Fern was still immersed in his dissatisfaction: "We two princes are really in the same boat." He sneered, "Your partner likes direct violence, and my partner likes cold violence against me, doesn't he?" Thinking about Che Su's undisguised eagerness to get away, His Highness Lance did not comfort his brother for the first time, but patted him sympathetically on the shoulder. In this way, the two imperial princes, who were born to be nobles, under one person and above ten thousand people, walked side by side in silence on the quiet and desolate official road in the palace. A long time later, Lance coughed resentfully: "Brother, we …" Are you sure you don't want to tell them to go to your palace for dinner together? With a cold face and no answer, His Highness Fern looked back at the brightly lit central monitoring room not far away, and finally took out the miniature communicator in his pocket. Wood? Where are you A clear voice immediately sounded, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, as if it had been prepared for your Highness's inquiry, and the chief guard Wood answered very quickly: "Back to your Highness, I will stay in the central control room." His Highness Fern frowned. "What are you doing there if you don't follow me?" Leng Leng, Wood was at a loss for words: … Your Highness, I'm on my way. "Wait a minute." His Highness Fern stopped him with a cold hum. "Why didn't Chesu and Van Chong come out? Aren't they going to have dinner?" Refreshed, Wood quickly replied: "Report to your Highness, I will invite them back to the palace for dinner!" " Look, it's his judgment, right? I knew it would be better to stay here, and sooner or later your Highness would ask Master Che Su! The electric current in the communicator hissed, "Report to your Highness, Master Chesu and Lieutenant Fanzhong said together that they would study today's first-hand data and not go back for dinner.." The two royal princes stood on the side of the official road, waiting for a response from the communicator. After a while, Wood's voice finally came from the communicator: There was silence. Wood on the other side waited nervously for a long time, quietly put his mouth close to the communicator, and kept his voice very low: "Your Highness, do you need me to force them to come back?" With a "click", Wood, the chief bodyguard, stared at the communicator in his hand, which had been forcibly cut off, and fell into a lot of entanglement.
In his obvious anger, should the Crown Prince really take the two mechanics back to dinner, or should he do nothing? On this day, the Royal Special Training Base in the suburbs far from the city is a busy and orderly scene. The mecha training grounds, which are usually only open at regular intervals, are almost filled with murderous battles. The various training cabins and special reaction chambers are even more crowded with young and brave army soldiers. Temporary special training teams from various famous legions have all chosen the last few days of training sprint. Tomorrow is the coming imperial parade every five years. Although it is in peacetime, the hearts of every imperial soldier are full of self-evident pride and expectation. In the corridor outside the ordnance depot, Colonel Vesta turned and looked at the two men who had pushed the door in. You look fine. You seem to be in good health. He spoke briefly, gazing at Chesu, who had returned here for the first time in months. Behind him, accompanied by Che-su, was Wood, the chief guard of the palace, who was no stranger. He gave him a military salute in high spirits, and Che Su changed back into a fitted corporal uniform. The belt clasped around his waist outlined his cool posture and slender and well-proportioned limbs. Although he still looked a little thin, he was already very different from the last time he left in a coma. Instructor Vesta, there is nothing wrong with my body. In the morning, I just took part in the decathlon physical fitness test. Che Su looked at his instructor with a smile, "the results have been qualified." Finally, the first pair of kissing CP appeared. Distance to the next pair, count it on your fingers, oh, it's still far away. Next is the military parade, ha ha ha,ultrasonic generator driver, it's going to be a big war again! Chapter 45 another genius? "Instructor Vesta, there is nothing wrong with my body. In the morning, I just took part in the decathlon fitness test." Che Su looked at his drillmaster with a smile. "The result is already qualified." 。


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